Micellar Cleansing

Micellar Technology is recognized as the gentlest way to cleanse your skin, by dermatologists worldwide. What is this technology? How is this super gentle on the skin? We’re here to answer all your questions!

Water alone cannot take away all the impurities that settle into your skin after a day full day of work and travel! You encounter a lot of environmental stressors, pollutants, and aggressors, and they all are so fine and minute that we don't notice when they settle onto our skin. But they're there - trying to find a way to get into our skin, and fighting with our natural barriers! That's why cleansers contain surfactants so that they can take away dirt and impurities. But there is a very large array of surfactants - some might be unsuitable, or too aggressive for your skin. They interact with multiple components of your skin - so they are sometimes abrasive on your skin. This way of cleansing is sometimes as bad as not cleansing your skin at all!

The name micellar comes from the particles that make up the cleaning components - micelle! It is made of a little head and tail. The head is hydrophilic ie. it loves water and the tail is lipophilic ie. it loves oil! When these little lollipop-like particles come into contact with your skin, the tails grab onto trapped oil and dirt. When you wash your face, the water-loving head tags on to water molecules, and takes the dirt and oil away with them! This is how it does maximum cleaning and hydration without the squeaky dry feeling.

It acts like a magnet for all the dirt and impurities, and is much more gentle than the traditional cleansing methods that strip off the moisture from the skin! This dual-action relationship between oil and water transforms these old processes and changes our idea of what clean skin feels like. These particles respect your skin’s natural barrier. They don’t harm your skin barrier or your skin biome and therefore ensure that your skin remains healthy!

Did you know that the micelles even take away the oily sebum that they find on your skin? It cleans your skin smartly!

What are the benefits of Micellar Cleansing?

  • It promotes hydration
  • It removes oil and dirt gently
  • It is good for all skin types
  • It keeps your skin clear

What do we recommend?

The Vely Vely Lacto Cleansing Pad

This is a quick, one-step cleansing pad that cleanses your skin with the Micellar technology. It removes makeup, impurities, dust, and wastes that are lodged in your pores. It also clears up sebum! All this without any complicated multi-step cleansing process. It removes fine dust and dead waste - by 97.78%! and reduces fine dust by 99.76%. It contains Biome Complex that absorbs the skin wastes and makes it firm!

The GNST Choc Choc Cleansing Water

The GNST Choc Choc Cleansing Water is a unique cleanser that offers a gentle rejuvenating cleansing that leaves your skin clean, fresh and moist. With EWG Green grade ingredients going into its composition, it is safe and suitable not just for babies but adults with sensitive skin as well. Apart from the key component, PUL which tackles the eczematous irritation, it contains extracts from propolis, Centella Asiatica, Honeysuckle Flower, and Nelumbo Nucifera too. These endow soothing, balancing, moisturizing, and skin-brightening properties on top of meticulous cleansing action.


Micellar technology is gentler and softer on your skin, and we recommend that you try this method to cleanse your skin!