[NUCEUTICALS] Skinergy Collagen Shot (1 Box = 15ml x 28 Sticks)

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Nuceuticals Skinergy Collagen Shot

1 Box = 15ml x 28 Sticks (1-Month Supply)

Made In:
South Korea

Product Description:
Skinergy Collagen Shot is an award-winning collagen supplement. Tried & tested, proven, and trusted by doctors and medical practitioners in Singapore. Harnessing the new-age potential of science and technology, this oral supplement effectively helps the cells to regenerate resulting in a reduction in fine lines & wrinkles, increased moisture retention, reduced melanin formation (pigmentation), and protection from harmful UV, infrared, blu light rays, which leads to premature aging of the skin. Experience clinically proven visible results in 4 weeks!

Each 15ml easy-to-tear open stick is made of a proprietary blend of Nutrinox that is composed of hydrolyzed Bio-Optimised Marine Collagen (BMC) peptides, which are specially engineered after 5yrs of intensive R&D to reach the dermal layer of our skin to work faster and more efficiently. It has the capability to not only replenish but stimulate collagen production in our cells.

Another key factor is the addition of Vitamin C which makes collagen absorption more effective. The formula also has micro-algae extract, fern extract, and rosemary for an anti-oxidant boost and effective protection of the skin. It has a sweet peach flavor with no fishy taste or smell.

Enjoy this power-packed cocktail of nourishing and high-quality ingredients that infuse directly to repair and hydrate the skin, from anywhere, at any time!

Frequency and Directions of Use:
1. Consume 1 sachet daily at any time of the day.
2. Drink it on its own or mix it into your beverage, smoothie, or yogurt before or after meals.
3. Not suitable for people who are allergic to the ingredients listed, especially fish.
4. If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before consuming the product.


solve your concerns

  • Those who are looking for a drug-free collagen supplement
  • Those who hate the awful fishy smell or taste of collagen-related supplements
  • Those who are in search of a clinically-proven results-delivering supplement
  • Those who have dry, dull & damaged skin
  • Those who have aging skin but do not want extensive prep to take care of it
  • Those who get exposed to the sun or have been exposed before & have sun damage on their skin like melasma, spots, pigmentation, etc.
  • Those who want to simultaneously care for their joints, hair & nail health along with skin health
  • Those who want collagen & vitamin & UV protection features in one supplement
  • Those who (rightly) believe protecting with sunscreen alone is not going to shield the skin from the sun, infrared, and blue light rays

Full List of Ingredients

 Bio-optimized Marine Collagen (BMC) Peptide, Vitamin C, Polypodium Leucotomos Extract (Fern Extract), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Astaxanthin (Micro Algae Extract), Peach Juice, Lemon Juice, Water, Stevia, Peach Flavour.

Complete Your Routine

Collagen Care Supplement + Collagen-Boosting Skincare

  • T1 Collagen Stick with a powerhouse of Type 1 Collagen (67,000ppm) is a perfect match to use in conjunction with our award-winning Bio-Optimized Marine Collagen supplement Skinergy Collagen Shot for maximum anti-aging effects.
  • By incorporating the Skinergy Collagen Shot liquid supplement and T1 Collagen Stick into your daily skincare routine, you’ll be supporting and protecting your face, skin, and body both inside and out, boosting collagen production internally whilst also moisturizing and nourishing your skin to protect from external damage.

But why do you need both…

  • When taking Skinergy Collagen Shot you are ingesting broken-down collagen particles, your body thinks it’s your own collagen that has broken down. It, therefore, stimulates the natural collagen production in your body, meaning your body is able to stimulate production where it’s needed. So whilst the collagen sticks increase collagen levels, the T1 mask whilst also doing this, helps boost the production of elastin and fibrin which together with collagen are the ‘glue’ for the skin.
  • Add in Vely Vely Recore Collagen Treatment Water with 84% ultra-low molecular weight collagen toner to prep your skin for an added hydration & glow boost!

Sounds like the dream skincare duo, right, CocoFam!? 😍

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