Three Things Korean Hair Care Does Differently From The Rest of the World

As the popularity of Korean skincare for men and women has spread worldwide, so has the praise for their hair care products. The previous misconception that Korean hair care products may not cater to western hair types has become a thing of the past. In fact, there are some key differences that actually highlight why Korean products may be better than you may have previously thought.

  • Care starts in the scalp

Anyone who has ever tried a Korean skin care routine will tell you about how hair care follows in a similar fashion. Koreans believe that beautiful hair is the direct result of a healthy scalp.

Most Korean shampoos, conditioners and essences for hair care will always have something for the scalp included in their formula. Their focus is always on clearing away dirt, excess sebum and dead skin from the scalp pores and follicles. For damaged sensitive scalps, Korean products include ingredients that soothe and promote healing of the skin. This is a welcome change in a market where hair care products are designed to only cater to the strands of hair rather than the follicles from which they grow.

Sometimes a scalp cleanser and exfoliator will be a separate product that is used first before shampoo and conditioner; this is how serious Korean hair care is about scalp health!

  • No burdening the hair with product

Have you ever finished a care regimen and felt that your head was a little bit heavier? This is the unfortunate nature of a lot of hair care products in the market today; some are simply heavier in constitution.

It was an eye opening experience to learn that just like they do for the skin, Korean hair care professionals create essence for hair. The reason why essences are a big deal is because they are able to provide the hair with the much needed nourishment, and to seal in moisture without leaving the hair feeling heavy.

This is a very wonderful change from all of the thick creams that seem to weigh the hair down in comparison. Your hair gets to bathe in the nourishing coating of product, and remain feeling light and lustrous all day long! 

  • Natural ingredients are an important base

If you’ve been personally caring for your hair then there is no doubt that you’ve come across stories of synthetic ingredients that aren’t that great for hair. Synthetic shampoos, conditioners and treatments have been drying out and weakening hair for years, but the story for Korean hair care products is different.

From moisturizing mists to conditioners and shampoos, Korean hair care products focus on organic ingredients as the base of their formulae. Pick any item you want and you will most certainly be guaranteed a nourishing experience. Shampoos don’t merely clear the buildup from hair; they also soothe and nourish the scalp. Treatments prioritize the restoration of hair all the way to the roots with a foundation of natural ingredients that reach into the scalp to heal and strengthen it from deep within.

If your Korean shampoo has a berry like smell, then it is highly likely that berry essence was included in its formula.

For Koreans, the hair is treated just as importantly as the scalp. A hair care regimen will often times be carried out along with a skin care regimen. It is an admirable quality that we could all stand to benefit from borrowing. In fact, you can begin your journey by browsing our hair care section for the perfect Korean hair care product that will transform your head form a drab mane to a lustrous crown!