Rainy seasons are a real challenge in many aspects of daily life. That is because they suppose changes in our daily routines. Certainly, our skincare routine is one of them. But the good news is that Korean beauty brands are fully aware of this problem. As a consequence, they have developed some of the best products to help you deal with it in the easiest way. Let´s check some of the main concerns you might have during those days and how to solve them.

Sudden and frequent changes of temperature: in rainy season temperature variations are very common.  While it might be sunny and hot during certain hours of the day, it may also occur that temperature decreases right before it starts raining. Such a situation provokes that your skin suffers and starts cracking down. In addition, it may start losing hydration. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles start gaining terrain.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to cope with it. Firstly, you must put emphasis on keeping your skincare routine. Secondly, due to the additional dryness, it is important to intensify the level of moisturizing. To do so you can select a deeper moisturizer for the night as it will help to restore the skin. Similarly, you can opt for adding a serum as part of your daily routine.

Finally, you can apply a facial mist during the day. Due that they get absorbed quickly and can be applied over your makeup without damaging it. For instance, you might try “Cutania Oxygen Boost Facial Mist”. It also comes in a practical presentation that allows it to take anywhere.

New spots: usually, spots are caused by sun rays. The solution for this always includes a sunscreen. However, during the rainy season is common that people forget about it due to cloudy days. But nothing further from the truth. That is because sun rays are still present and causing their effects. In fact, sometimes they might be more intense despite the clouds.

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The best solution for this is to keep using sunscreen. In addition, is advisable to choose daily moisturizers with sunscreen. It guarantees you will be fully protected with multiple layers.

Extra Impurities: due to the exposure to new external agents your skin may get more impurities. The rain, the wind, and the change of temperatures may bring new reactions to your skin. Therefore, it is essential to clean your face deeply. To do so, you can add an extra cleanser to your routine. It might consist of soft cleansers and soaps after the main cleanser.

Makeup Duration: due to humidity, the makeup tends to get dissolved. In addition, it is possible that raindrops fall over your face and vanish it. As a result, it is advisable that you choose waterproof makeup. Also, the selection of the foundation is crucial. Again, due to the humidity, it might patchy. Therefore, lighter versions result ideal. For instance, BB creams could be an excellent option.

When it comes to the lips, tint balm in different versions may result perfect due to their long-lasting effects. For instance, Dreskin 2-in-1 Satin Tint and Balm may have all the requirements due to its long-lasting effects and its moisturizing effect with the included balm.

In conclusion, rainy seasons don´t have to deteriorate your skin. In this sense, Korean beauty products have a wide range of products that can help you avoid the consequences of rainy seasons. Even more, your skin can glow and look radiant despite rainy conditions.