[VELY VELY] Im Custom Flawless Concealer SPF 30 PA++ 7.5g

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Vely Vely Concealer


Made In:
South Korea

Product Description:
The Vely Vely Concealer gives you flawless, smooth skin with a moist cover! It is long-lasting and gives a tight fit. It is a hydrating, face and under-eye concealer for dry skin. It gives full coverage but a weightless feel with SPF30 PA++ sun protection.

It contains Rosehip Fruit Oil and Chamomile Extract - these two make it smooth and easy to apply across your skin! It gives a moist and smooth application without drying. It strongly covers your skin and gently cares for the skin.

It takes away any blemishes, and dark circles and brightens your nasolabial folds! It even brightens up your dull lips. It even covers up any redness and irritation of the skin.

It comes in 4 different colours
#17 Fair
Bright ivory beige.
#21 Light
Light Yellow Beige
#22 Beige
Neutral Cool Beige
#23 Natural
Warm Medium Beige

It has a wand applicator that makes everything easy, and a handy and
the sleek tube that serves as the liquid concealer's container.

Frequency and Direction of Use:
1. After cleansing, toning, and moisturizer cream apply foundation and then the Vely Vely Concealer.
2. Use the tip to take a small amount of the concealer, and apply it to the desired area
3. Spread evenly and blend it well across the area with a cushion puff or fingertips
4. Fix it with a fixer spray and/or loose powder for a strong transferproof hold

Recommended Tips:
1. Use with cushion puff for better and easy application
2. When using with cushions, use cushion after concealer
3. When used with foundation and tone up cream, use concealer after the products
4. Pair it with Vely Vely Lip Tints to flaunt your flawlessly smooth skin with a luscious pair of lips!
5. Double Cleanse to remove


• Dark circles:
Usually, a bluish-purple appearance. Warmer tone to counteract.

• Pimples/Redness:
Start with color corrector if redness is too much. Cover with warm concealer that is thick & dry in consistency

• Fine lines:
Mandatory to moisturize skin prior. Use one shade lighter than foundation.

• Blemishes/Dark Spots:
Go for 1 shade lighter than cushion and set it with fixer & powder.

• Hyperpigmentation:
Prep & prime skin prior. Mix with 1 shade lighter & darker to get desired finish and set with powder

• Contour & Highlight:
Use 1 shade lighter as highlight color — Highlighting is where you lighten your face to emphasize features like your eyes or cheekbones.
Use 1 shade darker as contour color — Contouring is where you use makeup to shape and outline your facial structure and facial features.

Full list of Ingredients

Purified Water, Titanium Dioxide, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenyl Trimethicone, Talc, Butylene Glycol, Cetyl Pg / Pg-10/1 Dimethicone, Pb P, Yellow Iron Oxide, Peg-10 Dimethicone, Vinyl Dimethicone/ Methicone Silsesquioxane Cross Polymer, Sodium Chloride, Aluminum Hydroxide, Triethoxycaprylyl Silane, Red Iron Oxide, Disteadimonium Hectorite, Boron Nitride, Caprylyl Glycal.


PLEASE NOTE: ensure complete absorption of one product before moving on to next step. Incomplete absorption will lead to smudges, blotchiness and transfer of makeup and also, NO stronghold for the fixers or the loose powder to hold onto!

CocoFam, here are our best-recommended steps for a 14hrs-16hrs Skin Makeup Look.

(1) Use Vely Vely Lacto Pads to remove all grime & dust, light makeup, & sunscreen; great option for cleansing in the morning, one pad does ALL the job! Serendi Bubbletox; great option to remove all the stubborn & waterproof makeup, with its bubbles entering your pores to thoroughly clean and leave behind moisture. (For oil cleanser double cleansing, pick Solved Skincare Coconut Oil Pads OR use Mude Lip & Eye Makeup Remover to remove tough makeup first and then use cleansers)

(2) Choose the UIQ Toner for mild keratin care or Vely Vely Moisture pad for balancing & getting the skin ready for the routine up ahead.

(3) Dab White Tomato Derma Skincare Cream and pat till complete absorption, provides intense yet nonsticky moisturization, natural tone up & great base for makeup.

(4) Apply Self Beauty pore primers for evening out of pores and texture.

(5) After absorption, slather your favorite foundation layer — choose L’upium for strong coverage with SPF 24 PA++; one BB cream self-adjusts to your skin tone — OR choose Mude cushion if you know your skin tone & can pick your suitable shade (has 4 shades!)

(6) Here’s our hero — Vely Vely Fla