[MBA] Derma Scalp Black Turn Hair Shampoo 500ml

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MBA Derma Scalp Black Turn Hair Shampoo

(1 Bottle) - 1 Month Usage
(2 Bottles) - 2 Months Usage
(3 Bottles) - 3 Months Usage
(5 Bottles) - 5 Months Usage

Made In:
South Korea

Product Description:
The Derma Scalp Black Turn Hair Shampoo takes care of your scalp and hair while also promoting your hair to grow back in its natural color (hair color you were born with!) It is made up of 50% herbal medicine extract that gives you a hypoallergenic cleansing! It contains 6-Solution and Greyverse in MoBalA’s golden ratio making for a great companion for your hair!

The patented Black Turn Peptide has increased from 196,200PPM (19.62%) to a 346,800PPM (34.68%) in our renewed and upgraded version, which along with Greyverse™️ helps your hair follicles grow back black. They promote an increase in melanin while also ensuring that your existing hair remains healthy! It is an acid-balanced shampoo that has a powerful cleaning power! It is great at nourishing your scalp and at alleviating symptoms of hair loss. It exfoliates your scalp and removes any dandruff. It is also great at soothing and calming your scalp!

Take home the Derma Scalp Black Turn Hair Shampoo for a nourishing and effective cleansing hair care time!

Directions of Use:
1. Wash your hair and scalp with water
2. Apply the shampoo and massage into foam
3. Leave on for 2-3 minutes
4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water


 Use twice a day for best results
 Recommended to follow up with the MBA Derma Scalp Ampoule and Pack for intensive care

Expected period to see results:
 Age 10 - 20: 4-6 weeks
 Age 20 - 30: 6 - 8 weeks
 Age 30 - 50: 8 -12 weeks
 Age 50 above: 12 - 24 weeks

One bottle approximately lasts for 1 month. Hence, we strongly recommend you to buy at least 2-3 bottles to use for a minimum of 3 months to see visible results. 

MBA targets and focuses on nourishing the scalp & hair roots. It does NOT alter or dye the existing hair and helps the NEW hair to grow in its original state/color (that is, hair’s natural color when you were born). It keeps the existing hair -- strong, moisturized, and in a healthy state. The results may vary according to individual depending on age, the condition of hair, genetics, lifestyle, and other factors.