The Beauty Story of BLANC DOUX

Beauty has never been easy. Over the years, majority of us struggle to find apt skincare products, suitable for our exclusive skin needs. During this trial and error process, we often cause mutilating damage to the skin. It is more like the beauty equivalent of Goldilocks and the Three Bears- one makes your skin too flaky and the other leaves it sticky and dull. This path is dreadful to intense and generally doesn’t come cheap. But what if it is told to you that can become very easy?

Skip all the guesswork and comfortably rely on BLANC DOUX for preparing your skin to the most difficult challenges, from daily sun, blemishes to nerve wrecking wrinkles. This jaw-dropping Korean beauty brand has hit the mark of excellence by combining natural resources with advancing scientific studies. BLANC DOUX is a stealer!

Why people are getting obsessed over it?

People are heads over heels about this revolutionary Korean skincare range. For every skin need, it has developed trademark products. From the lingering French secret of Wine Extract to the geniuses of technology, BLANC DOUX has prepared splendid Korean beauty products.

Bonjour beautiful skin, it’s yours from now on!

Skin toning at its peak

Rose Leaf & Wine Toner – This soul enticing toner works best for highly sensitive skin as it has been infused with refreshing Roses and Wine Extract. Naturally glitzy, Roses works as impeccable astringent for treating acne, redness and any sort of itchiness. With plethora of antioxidants, Wine Extract is known to form a robust skin barrier, meanwhile, triggering collagen, for an irresistible smooth and supple texture.

Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 Toner Carrying huge tons of Hyaluronic Acid and its multiples, Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 Toner supplies moisture to the deepest layers. It escalates skin’s capacity to retain more water for a plump and bouncy feel. Explosion of Hyaluronic Acid aids in protecting skin against probable sun damage also, for a brighter complexion.

Splurging on hydration and nourishment

Wine Mist; PINOT NOIR Spray Serum– When you are looking for an on-the go nutrition, Wine Mist; PINOT NOIR Spray Serum does the trick. It easily melts down for a brightened complexion, thanks to its Wine Extract. This light-weight serum has combined Aloe Extract for long lasting hydration and pacifying. No matter come what may, this botanical kicks off dry and uneven skin tone for a clear deal.

Rose Leaf & Wine Deep Hydrating Essence – Revitalizing and deep skin conditioning, this non-greasy facial essence boasts power punch of vitamin C from Lemon and Orange Fruit Oils. Not only they invigorate, but defend your skin from environmental stressors. It leaves skin with a sparkling radiance, with instant silky pore-less complexion. No need of beauty filters for a perfect click!

Sun protection with a cause

PINOT NOIR UV Shield & Tone-Up Sensitive SPF 35 – it is time to get out in the sun and feel the magic. Recharged by to Grape Seed Oil, this easily spreadable sunscreen serves multiple purposes. It provides shield against UVA and UVB rays but offers exceptional makeup base for a flawless application. PINOT NOIR UV Shield & Tone-Up Sensitive SPF 35 fights oil control with matchless brightened look.

Skin turnover when you need the most

Brightening & Moisturizing Sleep Mask – Making use of every minute of the day is the forte of Korean skincare. While you take your beauty sleep, amplify your skin with Brightening & Moisturizing Sleep Mask. Doing great honors, Niacinamide enlighten skin’s complexion, on the other hand, Wine Extract adds tremendous amounts of bounce to drooping skin. Allantoin feeds moisture with Rosemary and Lavender Oils provides extra comfort to an agitated skin for next day verve.

ROSE Chrome Brightening Peel Off Mask– Pull out all the dead skin, sebum, blackheads and impurities from your congested pores in one master stroke. Without creating any mess, ROSE Chrome Brightening Peel Off Mask gives you salon standard glow and whitening at your home, exclusively for sensitive skin. It bears fresh Rose Water for tremendous pore care and anti-inflammatory properties to curb breakouts. True worthy of spotlight, 7 Berry Complex in it adds loads of radiance and clarity with zero side effects.

Break all your bad skin habits and welcome BLANC DOUX for the perfect skincare deal for the whole lifetime. It never keeps you waiting!