Don’t Let Your Dry Skin Persist Anymore

Don’t let your dry skin persist anymore; set things straight with the right routine

Korea is one of the leading countries in the skin care industry, and for good reason. In a culture that promotes skincare as an act that is as commonplace as brushing your teeth every day, you are bound to have all sorts of high quality products and practices. Today we will look at dryness, and highlight the best practices in Korean skincare for men and women alike with regard to dry skin.

So why are you dry?

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  • It could just naturally be your skin type. Three types of skin exist; oily, normal/combination and dry. It is simply one of the many types of skin that people are naturally born with.
  • The weather. There are some seasons and conditions that tend to dry out the skin more than others. This is especially true for times when humidity is very low, like in winter.
  • The kind of soap you use when you bathe could be making your skin dry. Some soap is strong, lathers a lot and actually strips the water from your skin along with the dirt.

So how do the Koreans deal with dry skin?

There are several key ways in which both Korean night skincare routines and day time routines work to help you with dry skin concerns.

  • Cleansers don’t dry out the skin

Unlike many soap brands, cleansers for dry skin are designed to specifically infuse the skin with moisture, rather than dry it out. A very good example of this is Neogen Dermalogy Real CicaMicellar Cleansing Water, which deeply hydrates at the same time as it clears out dirt and makeup.

This is an important factor that you need to consider when trying to select a cleanser. If at the end of cleansing your skin feels parched, then that is not the cleanser for you. Hydrating cleansers often tend to leave the skin feeling supple and soft even when dry. 

  • Toners and serums often re hydrate

If by chance your cleanser leaves the skin feeling a bit on the dry side, then surely your toner will set things straight. Toners are meant to restore the skin’s natural pH balance; as well as moisturize if the skin feels dry. This is why we particularly love Blanc Doux Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 5000 Toner. It is the perfect hydrator as it is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, a well-known moisturizer.

Serums, essences and ampoules are an excellent additional chance to deeply address your pressing skin concerns. They tend to be even more concentrated forms of product that aim to target any skin care problem that you may have. They exist for brightening, anti-aging, and definitely hydration. Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence is one very good exampling of hydrating essences at work. Its ingredients are fermented which makes absorption into the skin even better for hydration. 

  • Regular mask sessions to keep the moisture flowing

For maybe a day or two in a week, a mask can be an excellent hydrating addition that further adds to your overall moisture. In just twenty minutes products like an Ariul Juice Cleanse Sheet Mask can not only deeply moisturize, but also nourish with soothing and brightening essences.

  • Day and night creams focus on helping you retain moisture

Your final stage product needs to be a cream that keeps the moisture intact for long hours on end. Acwell Betaglution Ultra Moisture Cream comes to mind for its long lasting hydrating capabilities.

Korean skincare for men and women can certainly be tailored to keep dryness at bay. Focusing on moisture at each step allows you to enjoy supple skin that never wanes in softness or beauty. Find the right combination of products for your dry skin routine by browsing through our site today.