Can Human-Derived Stem Cell Culture Transform Your Skin in Just 5 Days?

You would have heard the buzz around “Stem cells in skincare”, and “age reversal with stem cells” and wondered how it works for your skin concerns, its safety, and the products available in the market. Let’s get to the details and break down the science behind this miracle product “Stemelin Hyperactive Cell Ampoule”.


Stemelin Hyperactive Ampoule is a human-derived stem cell culture medium, that contains 1791 proteins + growth factors (active factors like EGF, FGF) developed with Mirae Cellbio's advanced stem technology and 100% pure silk collagen from France as the key ingredients, to provide clinically proven fast skin tightening and lifting results. The stem culture medium used is the state-of-the-art, potent ingredient one could ever find in the area of stem cells used in skincare.

What are Stem Cells?

Human-derived stem cells are specialized cells that are taken from human tissues, like skin or blood. These cells have a unique ability to transform into different types of cells in the body, such as muscle cells, nerve cells, or even blood cells. They play a crucial role in the body's natural process of growth, repair, and regeneration. Scientists study and use these cells in research and medical treatments because of their potential to replace damaged or unhealthy cells and tissues.

How does it work as a skincare ingredient?

As we age the skin cells under our skin reduce, leaving our skin thin, losing its elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging is inevitable. If we can multiply the skin cells underneath the skin by introducing new skin cells, the skin will regain its life, and elasticity, and repair itself, giving a more youthful appearance.

Note: Plant stem cells or identical non-human stem cells are different in form and do not help in creating new stem cells. So one has to use real human stem cells in formulation to unlock this benefit safely.

The Beauty of Stemelin’s Stem Cell Culture Fluid

This innovative ampoule encapsulates years of research and brings together the best of nature and technology in a single transformative product. In collaboration with Mirae Cell Bio, a pioneer in stem cell research and technology, the unique formulation has allowed us to unlock the potential of stem cells for skin rejuvenation like never before.

The special human-derived stem cell culture medium contains 1791 proteins + growth factors (active factors like EGF, FGF) developed with Mirae Cell Bio's advanced stem technology and 100% silk collagen from France. It is a dual-type ampoule in a special container to preserve the freshness of each ingredient. Separated agents is to be mixed right before use, to give the best performance.


The potent 100,000ppm of human adipose tissue stem cell culture fluid fills the inside of the skin tightly and the 243Da ultra-low molecular collagen lifting threads at a concentration of 375,000ppm pulls up the outside of the skin. Thus giving almost instant skin tightening and lifting effect, clinically proven by human body tests ensuring the highest efficacy and safety.

Powered by the miraculous stem cell culture technology, Stemelin Hyperactive Cell Ampoule redefines skincare routines and expectations. It's a product that doesn't just sit on the surface; it delves deep into your skin's layers, addressing concerns from within and giving you visible, radiant results. It took 1 year and 4 months to select the pure and perfect raw ingredients to achieve this potent culture

One-of-a-Kind Packaging and Clinically Proven 5-day & 4-week Results

Upon opening the ampoule, the 100% pure Olimsil collagen combined with hydrolyzed collagen, as beautiful collagen threads/ strands become apparent. Sourced from France's leading collagen specialists and meticulously processed to possess remarkable skin-tightening properties. Notably, it is recognized for its lifting effect, with documented improvement and maintenance of saggy skin through rigorous human application testing — 190.95% lifted mouth area, 153.08% lifted forehead, 125.59% lifted cheeks, 244% skin penetration rate and depth.


How to use this Unique Ampoule?

Being divided among 2 chambers, this ampoule not only delivers potent ingredients deep into the skin but also manages to fascinate the users every time it is mixed!

  1. Turn the container to bring the triangle symbol to match OPEN.
  2. After opening, wait for 30 seconds until all the ampoule (Agent 1) comes down.
  3. When all the ampoule has come down, turn the triangle back to LOCK to lock it, then shake it sufficiently.
  4. When the collagen threads have dissolved completely, remove existing cap & replace with the provided dropper cap to dispense ampoule and apply an appropriate amount to the skin.
  5. Since it is a lightweight nonsticky formulation, you can apply it daily twice; both day and night to see wrinkle improvement, skin tightening, face lifting, and improved density of the skin.

Notably, within just 5 days, the ampoule improves the skin at different levels and promises moisture improvement, with sustained anti-aging effects over the course of 4 weeks.


Now you are aware of how stem cells work to repair your skin from within. What truly stands out is the unbeatable performance of a single ampoule, capable of addressing both external and internal skin concerns with its careful formulation and selection of the most potent human-derived Adipose Stem cell culture available. 

With Stemelin, now you can address aging skin concerns well in advance and enjoy youthful skin from within. Tap into the world of stem cell research’s key benefits and proven results, with Stemelin’s Hyperactive Cell Ampoule designed to reverse aging skin by addressing the root cause. Adding Stemelin to an array of our already top-selling anti-aging powerhouses is your shortcut route to achieve enhanced anti-aging results ASAP ⚡️