3 Simple Tips To Update Your Skincare Routine Or The Warmest Months

In general, Singapore has warm weather with a certain level of humidity. Due to that, it is common that many set their skincare routines to beat their effects and still look amazing skin. However, during May, such conditions can increase. As a result, your skin might need some updates while things go back to normal again.

The reason for such an increase is mostly due to land clearing fires that occur in the close Island of Sumatra, Indonesia. That creates more heat, smoke, and haze. Moreover, it also increases the pollution index which brings an undeniable effect on the skin.

So, how to update your skincare routines during those days? Despite the heat, you still want to look fabulous and keep showing an incredible complexion. Here some ways to do it.

  1. Extend your cleaning routine

Although you are already including a cleansing step in your routine, you might think of adding a stronger product. Also, if you were using a multitasking 2-in-1 cleaner and tone, it is time to go back to the traditional way and split them again. It will guarantee maximum efficiency.

Remember that the extra heat can make your skin develop whiteheads, more sebum and oil, and clogged pores due to the excess of pollution. If you have sensitive skin you might be at risk of suffering an acne outbreak. Therefore, keeping a strict cleaning routine at night and in the morning is crucial.

  1. Get extra sun protection

May is also a very sunny month. Due to that, it is recommended to add some extra protection against the sun. So, you may start trying a new sun blocker as the Blue Ray which is available in gel, cream, and fluid and is +50 SPF.

Also, including extra protection with the ACWELL UV Cut Bosong Sun Powder guarantees that you will be always protected. That is because you can easily retouch your face to avoid unnecessary dark spots caused by excessive sun exposure.

  1. Refresh during the day

Due to the heat it is common that you feel your skin warmer. Also, when your skin warms up you tend to sweat and accumulate more dirt. To avoid that effect, you can apply facial mists to refresh it. Also, it is a great opportunity to add some elements that nurture it and provide soothing effects.

For instance, you can try COSRX Cooling Facial Mist which also includes Centella Asiatica and Aloe. Both ingredients refresh your skin and keep the balance of moisture. And what is even better is that you can apply it as many times as you need it during the day.

Final words

Although May can be a tough month for your skin, you don´t have to settle for that. Korean Beauty products have many options to let go of those days. If you are already going through 3,5,7, or 10 steps skincare routines, you should continue with them.

Just by reinforcing them and adding some extra protection and refreshment, your skin can still look fabulous and without acne or dark spots.