Your Crash Course To a Holiday Glow

When festive season is lingering just round the corner, it is time that you put a red alert for your skincare rituals. What can be more dependable than Korean beauty products, boasting finest natural ingredients combined with smartest technology! Nobody wants to look a mess during this holiday time. It’s time to party and party hard!

Jingle bells are ringing, so is your glowing skin, body and hair.

A rock solid routine

Keep your skin in check by switching to good habits from now on. Remember a healthy body means a healthy skin that stands tall and strong.

Drink plenty of water

Water is life. Your body and above all skin needs loads of water to remain fuller. Lack of water can cause poor digestion and excretion, resulting in patchy skin and wrinkles, which nobody wants.

Detox teas and water

For clarifying effect on your skin, detox drinks can offer spectacular perks. Green and ginger teas are the foremost option for cleansing the toxins out of your body. Homemade fruit waters, infused with lemons, strawberry, orange and so on, the choices are never ending. These drinks burst with vitamins and antioxidants to make your skin bouncy and strong than ever.

Ditch the salt

For reducing face puffiness and overall body bloating, quitting salt from your diet works magic. Simply avoid processed meats for a complete makeover.

Bring on the greens game

Eating vegetables can never go wrong; you can double their benefits by drinking green juices daily, preferably made in home for sealing the deal.

Relaxing dips

Your skin is a reflection of your mind. Soaking your body at least thrice a week in essential oils and salts appease your body and mind. It can prove to be a great time to figure out things, check up on your emails or update yourself with the latest fashion updates. Relax, restore and rejuvenate!

 Ready, set and go! You are already to shine.

Quick Tips

Super purification

Step up your beauty game with double facial cleansing. Foam cleansers are not enough; try cleansing waters for a deep purification, a must-do in Korean skincare routine. Rich in real rose, rice, centella, aloe, licorice and many others, to sustain long lasting clarity, healing and whitening.

Delicate facial sloughing

For clearing up buildup inside your pores, rely on gentle exfoliation for revealing baby-soft skin hiding beneath. Even sensitive skin can indulge into a supple skin with natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids to unglue stale sebum, dead skin and fine dust for a refreshed skin tone. They score a big high five as they well prep your skin for a flawless makeup application.

Picture-perfect eye care

Don’t miss out on your eye care. Dark circles and puffiness are a big let-down for your vibrant festive look. Binge on the natural goodness in Korean eye creams and gels for a smooth and energetic under eye area. They instantly boost hydration, kicking off fine lines away from you.

On the go skincare

Away from your home does not necessarily imply that you cannot take care of your treasured skin. Supply tons of hydration, nourishment and brightness in just one with light weight facial mists. You will never be alone!

Facial masks are skin savior

Your skincare homework is not complete unless and until you take aid of facial masks, ranging from sheet, peel-off and sleep masks. K-beauty masks are essentially drenched in active ingredients to hydrate, heal and protect your skin from all the trouble makers. Treat your skin with stimulating propolis, beta glucan, white truffle and many more extracts to deliver wholesomeness.

Beautiful hair is always a show-stopper

Flaunt luscious long locks with exceptional natural Korean shampoos, conditioners and essence. Target damaged, weak and dry hair with nourishing formulas that offer deep nutrition and conditioning from exotic herbal oils, like coconut, sunflower and almond oils.

With joyful wishes and warmer greetings, ciao happiness in your life with an ever sparkling skin, hair and body!