Your Very Own Headquarters For Christmas Gifts

It is that time of the year, where people exchange good wishes and lots of presents to express their genuine love. The most precious gift that you can give your loved ones is your sincere concern and care.
Delight your pals with authentic Korean beauty products that pamper them to the maximum. This skincare and makeup range curates your friends’ every concern with finest ingredients from the natural resources, amplified with sound scientific studies. From travelling to the distant Saharan desserts to the highest altitudes of Canadian glaciers, K-beauty has done it all to resolve all your problems from the root, with zero side effects and delay.

Christmas greetings are not enough; mix it up with your dedicated care of showering these authentic k-beauty gems.

Heavenly Skincare

1. Creams

Win hearts of your sensitive skin loved ones with this multipurpose facial cream, Acwell Aqua Clinity Cream seals the deal. With Centella and Witch Hazel extracts, this cream calms and repairs agitated skin without any hint of cruelty. For maintaining moist throughout the day, Peony extract does the trick. Managing oily and combo skin can be a real struggle; it is time that you let your dear one relish on the natural goodness in d’Alba Peptide No Sebum Repair Cream. A divine feather light formula that is composed of White Truffle for an intense nourishment and strengthening. Flaunting natural Beta Hydroxy Acids to pull out all the gunk and Calamine powder to heal up itchiness, this cream instantly becomes a major hit.

Serums & Essences

A faultless match for your Christmas goody bag can be IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum for a dewy and problem free skin. Its signature ingredient, Propolis extract derived straight from the bee hives is rich in nutrition for a radiant and baby-soft skin. Another Korean skincare delight is the Blanc Doux Rose Leaf & Wine Deep Hydrating Essence, powered by galore of vitamin C from fresh Roses and Citrus oils. Not only it adds tons of brightness but keeps wrinkles away with its Wine extract from exotic French vineyards.

Facial Mists

Your best friend will cherish your gift forever. Facial mists are highly concentrated formulas that can be carried wherever you want. Flawless skin can become a forte with TIAM Fix Source, not only it deeply hydrates but sloughs off dead skin delicately with Chestnut powder. Perfect for dull and sensitive skin, it boasts Centella for miraculous healing and suppleness. In case you want to treat your loved one like a royalty, d’Alba White Truffle Mist Serum makes all the sense, with its nourishing White Truffle extract to illuminate every corner of skin. Your pal can welcome back youthful charm with MAYTOLO Peptible Solutox for fixing up drooping skin with the recharging energy of natural peptides.

Make the cleverest gesture of your life of translating your feeling that you really care for that special person. Gift whole heartedly!

Makeup blockbusters


Stunning color on lips earns a spotlight in every party; treat your sister or best friend with 3CE Velvet Lip Tint for a silky smooth finish, available in sensitive nudes to sparkling bold reds.


Everyone knows that eyes are the mirrors of one’s personality. Present rocking eye-shadows, like 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette for super-stay colors for every occasion. Go for a compact option of six shades with Son & Park All That Shadow Kit, for a velvety feel.

It is Christmas, the happiest time of the year. Make it more memorable with wide ranging Korean beauty products, accessible here.