In order to find the Best Korean Skincare for Oily Skin,it is important to understand that the main cause of oily skin is the overproduction of sebum. Because of it, the consequences are that your skin may get frequent blemishes, enlarged pores, pimples/acne, and ultimately, excessive shine.  That is to say that you must aim your search in finding the best products and routines to fight the consequences of oily skin.

In addition, you must know that it is still possible to have a healthy and glowing look. Luckily, it is common that oily skin is associated with some stages of life. For instance, adolescence, stressful situations, and menopause. Whether you have provisional or permanent oily skin, these are some of the main tips you should check to find the Best Korean Skincare for Oily Skin:

  1. Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse…

Yes, cleansing your skin is the most important step to keep your skin oil-free. However, it is not about cleansing your face over and over again. The tip is to do it with the right products twice a day. As oily skin accumulates big amounts of dead cells and oil during the day, having a 3 steps cleansing is crucial to diminish the production of sebum.

Firstly, it is recommended to use an oil cleanser to remove makeup. Although it might sound contradictory, oily cleansers are very gentle as they contain oil to do their job. Oil attracts oil. This principle eases the process by protecting the skin barrier to guarantee that your skin is not damaged while cleansing it.

Secondly, follow with a foaming cleanser. This type of cleansers usually doesn´t contain soap or oil. Instead, they contain additional ingredients that may help refresh and nurture your skin. They come on a wide variety of combinations that allow you to focus on your specific problems. For instance, you can find them with fruit ingredients to refresh acne prone skin. Also, for the most severe cases, you can find them with exfoliating properties and glycolic acid.

Finally, apply an alcohol-free toner. In this sense, toners help your skin to recover its natural PH balance and helps to stop the sebum production. If you spend the whole day with makeup on or simply woke up after 8 hours of sleeping, your skin needs a little help. When you recover the natural PH balance your skin gets ready to receive the benefits of other ingredients.

  1. Work the extra oil

This is the time to fight the causes and consequences of the extra oil in your face and you can explore what works better for you. Some of the most successful products include clay masks and sheet masks with different ingredients. They help eliminate dead cells, exfoliate and close the pores. The best part is that they do not over dry your skin. Some of them can be applied daily or a few times a week depending on the mask.

Also, you can exfoliate your skin 2 or 3 times a week to improve the results and keep the sebum at bay. Another option would be to use a serum that deeply penetrates your skin.

  1. Moisturize

Many people find contradictory to moisturize oily skins. However, this type of skin can also get wrinkles and other problems related to dryness. Therefore, it is essential to add moisturizer but making sure it is an oil-free product. In this sense, you won´t have a problem because many brands produce this type of products. You will only need to check what presentation goes better with your skin. For instance, there are gels, creams, milk, and more.

In conclusion, oily skin requires mostly to be properly cleaned. However, never forget that sebum also adds benefits to your skin. Hence, it is not appropriate to try to end with it but keeping it at bay. In addition, if you maintain a water-based line of products, the success is almost guaranteed.