For many years, skincare routines were exclusively reserved for women. However, in the last years, men started to enter the game too. But it wasn´t that easy. After all, men have their own ways. Due to this, cosmetic companies are still working hard to find the best alternatives for them.

On their way to find such alternatives, facial masks seem to be having great acceptance by men. This is to say that masks are able to save the most important obstacles that men find when trying to start their routines. Due to that, little by little lines of Korean skincare for menare becoming some of the most successful alternatives.

Certainly, it is because Korean brands were the pioneerin offering the best masks. Hence, it is not a surprise that Korean sheet masks and other facial masks are among men´s favorite. They offer instant results, are easy to use and can be applied at any time of the day. In other words, men are loving them! With that being said, let´s see what type of obstacles might be youcoping with as a man. Also, how masks are saving such obstacles and redefining men´s skincare.

  1. Men´s Lifestyle

Some people affirm that men are lazy to take care of their skin. But that is not always true. Men´s lifestyle just tends to be wilder and oriented to different things.But in the end, men also suffer the consequences of time and external natural conditions too. Although they don´t easily notice and take care of their skin they are already taking their first steps.

Considering men´s lifestyle, it was easy for them to notice facial masks. Why? Facial masks can be applied at any time. For instance, they don´t have to be part of a daily Korean night skincare routine. In addition, it can be applied early morning, in the middle of the day, and just before going to sleep.

Also, they require the minimum effort as it is only necessary to put them on and wait. Most of them are only used once or twice a week to get maximum results. More importantly, many masks allow them to enjoy instant results by offering deep-clean of pores, instantrefreshing, and glowing skin.

2. Skin Conditions

It is well-known that men´s skin is thicker and more resistant than women´s skin. However, it is not scientifically proved that their cells absorb skincare products in different ways. It has led to some sort of confusion on whether they can use regular women´s products or not. Also, as men shave regularly, their skin tends to get blemishes and dryness and that makes them different.

At first, men shyly began to use them as they were the only options. But new products were developed aimed only to men and they found new opportunities. Nowadays there is a mixture of products and they can be alternatively used by men and women. Some of them, are the masks. They are manufactured to cover both genders and it makes them really easy to find, buy, and use. They are suitable for any type of skin.

3. Social prejudices

Manly men are the rule in many places and it means that skincare is not part of their routines. But thanks to the new Internet age and celebrities some changes occurred. At first, the metro sexual culture started to invade the culture.

Then, celebrities started to show off their masks. Nowadays, it is common to see celebrity´s pictures all over the web showing how the use their sheet masks. For instance, they show how they use them after a long flight or before a red-carpet appearance. As a result, masks are now part of the daily routine for many men.

To sum up, men are now are aware that facial masks can help men get instant results, are easy to use and can be applied at any time of the day! There are no excuses to wait to find your facial mask. They are suitable for many skin types and conditions.