Primers - Everything you need to know

Primers are one of those skincare products that combine the benefits of skincare and cosmetics. It is a perfect amalgamation of the two - helping to solver certain skin concerns of yours, while prepping a perfect canvas for your makeup.

It is one of the most puzzling and mysterious base products int he market. With many many options of primers - hydrating, mattifying, blurring, luminizing etc - it could be confusing as to which primer will work for you. And how to use it, and where to put it in your routine….A lot of frustration is formed. So here we have for you, the ultimate Primer guide.

What is Primer and what does it do?

Primer is, as the name suggests, a product that prepares the surface for what comes afterwards. It creates an ideal canvas for your foundation, tinted sunscreen or concealer. Your primer usually comes with additional serum like Hyaluronic Acid, sunscreen, pearls etc. This serum helps your skin deal with certain concerns, while helping your makeup adhere to the skin for longer hours.

Primers have, overtime, started to become more important in helping your skin. Newest primers don't just help with the prep of the skin, it also helps your pores disappear, brighten your skin tone, fade out your fine line and wrinkles, reduces acne and adds in a ton of moisture - without making your skin feel heavy!

Do you need a primer in your skincare and makeup routine?

If you go around asking this question to enough people, you will get answers to both sides.  Primers create a protective barrier around your skin and seals in any of the skincare treatments you have done in your daily skincare routine.

The bottom line is - if you are wondering if you need a primer in your routine - ask yourself if you are happy with the overall look, feel and finish of your makeup. If you feel like there is something that can be improved - maybe you just need a bit of extra glow or you feel like your makeup feels too oily - all you need is a primer!

The Self Beauty Primers

The Self Beauty Primers contain 3 different essences in them that target different skin concerns, and help you rectify your makeup problems in a jiffy. They are made with skin-loving ingredients that dont clog your pores.

They smooth your skin, volumize it and make your makeup adhere to your skin 3 times as better! This means that your makeup lasts for much much longer!

They are also water based serums with powders (based on the skin concern) that can be easily applied to your skin. The texture of it is such that it is rapidly absorbed by the skin without leaving any sticky or uncomfortable residue.

They are easy to apply, don’t irritate the skin, easy to cleanse AND blends well with any of your makeup products.

So if you are looking to add a bit of the primer to your eye or lip makeup or even your skin makeup powder, you can do so. This will help imbibe those beneficial ingredients into your entire skin, and gives your makeup an even finish!

The Uniconic Aurora Essence Primer

This Hydrating and moisturizing Primer contains Vitamin B3 that smoothens and brightens your dull skin. It contains pink pearl pigments that gives you an enviable glow! This is perfect for dull skin with blemishes or if you feel like your makeup feels dull and cakey.

The Uniconic Hydrating Essence Primer

This Hydrating Primer contains Hyaluronic acid that enhances the elasticity of your skin. It locks in your skin moisture and repairs your skin barrier. It contains Blue pearl pigments that gives you a dewy glow. This is perfect for dry skin that gives off a dry and flaky makeup.

The Uniconic Pore Control Essence Primer

This Hydrating and Moisturizing Primer reduces the look of your pores, fine lines and evens out your skin texture. It contains micropowder that absorbs excessive sebum and helps balance your skin’s shine and oil. It helps give a matte finish to your makeup. This is perfect for oily skin with pores. Choose this when you feel like your makeup looks patchy and smudgy.

How do you apply them?

After your skincare routine, and just before your makeup, apply a thin layer of primer all over your skin. Wait for your primer to set, before you open up the makeup kit!

Can you wear primer without makeup?

Ofcourse you can! You just need to finish your skincare regimen and apply the primer over your face. Based on which one you choose (Pore control/ Hydrating/ Aurora) you can target your skin concerns and give yourself a natural glow. It also prevents your skin from drying out during the day, and trapping all the goodness of your skincare treatments, within!

What is the conclusion?

Yes to makeup primer. They are good, they will rock your world and they will care for your skin!