Uniconic Kakadu Lip Mask

Why do you need Lip Masks in your life?

There are lot of beauty trends - and while many of them are just ways to ensure that you buy new skincare products, there are those that have a solid backing behind them.

And lip masks are one of the latter. So we are here to break it down to you so that you understand why you need to be adding them to your skincare regimen.

What is a Lip Mask?

The skin of your lips are extremely thin. This means that overtime, the moisture you have imbibed in it, with multiple lip products, will slowly get lost in the environment. This is where lip masks come into the picture. Lip masks are a hydrating skincare product that you wear on your lips for a set period of time - while there are some that need to be worn overnight, there are others that need to be worn only for 15 minutes.

Lip masks are meant to hydrate your lips. They make them look more full and plump. Although it isnt a traditional mask, the term “mask” has come to imply any product that you leave on your skin for a while. They work very similar to that of a lip balm, but instead of being there just to beautify those lips, they also help with intensive hydration and making your lips look more nourished and healthy for longer.

Do you even need one?

While the lip masks are a more intensive version of a lip balm, they are designed to last much longer. For instance, a lip balm is reapplied every hour or so. However, you need to reapply your lip mask only twice or so a day! If you aren't using it during the day, they are so intensively hydrating at night that your lips look dewy and plump even if you apply it only 2-3 times a week!

Lip masks even work in even the harshest of conditions, where your lip balm fails to! They prevent your lip from drying out and chapping. And moreover, the plump and shiny look that the lip masks usually give, is a more natural one than your lip balm! AND did you know that certain lip masks even prevent the signs of aging that come on the skin of your lips as they get thinner over time?

The Self Beauty Uniconic Intensive Repair Lip Mask

This lip mask gives you intense, hydrating care and leaves you with plump and nourished lips! With the goodness of Vitmain C, Kakadu Plum and Squalane this keeps the sensitive skin of your lips hydrated. It also has antioxidants and vitamins that enhances the health of your lips and keeps the skin from cracking and drying up.

It is great at giving instant hydration, and leaving you with a dewy and plump look.

How to use?

  • Day - Apply a thin layer across your lips to protect your lips as you go about your day
  • Night - Apply a thick layer to remove all dead cells and for intensive repair and hydration.
  • For flaky lips - apply a generous amount on your lips for 1+ hours and scrub while cleansing it off. After cleansing, apply a thin layer for protection through the day.
  • You can use this after your lip makeup for a more shiny finish
  • You can apply it anywhere that you need instant and quick moisturization.

With lip masks, you can see immediate results in terms of plumpness and hydration. It might take a few more days  if your lips are extremely dry and flaky. But don't lose hope. Keep up the application and you’ll soon see your lips in their best shape ever!

If you have dry and chapped lips, a lip mask in your skincare regimen will do more for you than a lip balm. They are effective, convenient and give long-lasting hydration to your lips. They are easy to use, apply and allow you to enjoy your lips as they are!