CNK Lab Hair Fillusion The Maximum

Secret to Fuller, Healthier Hair: Hair Fillusion aka The Hair MTS

Welcome to the world of a healthier scalp with CNK Lab's groundbreaking hair care solution. Goodbye to thinning hair and hello to a revitalized, fuller mane with this upgraded product that takes scalp & hair care to a whole new level.

Advanced Formulation:

The Maximum Ampoule is the epitome of innovation, surpassing the efficacy of traditional hair fillers. It is produced by concentrating a black complex three times more, ensuring a clearer and more refined result.


Scalp Nourishment:

Take charge of scalp health with ingredients like panthenol, green tea extract, hydrolyzed collagen, and Houttuynia cordata extract. These components moisturize the scalp and nourish hair roots, promoting overall hair health.


Safety Assurance:

Rest easy knowing that Maximum Ampoule is free from harmful hair dye chemicals. It has undergone rigorous testing, including a heavy metal test by Kotiti, a nationally recognized testing and research institute, ensuring a clean and safe formulation.

User-Friendly Application:

The 7-ml capacity of each ampoule is designed for easy and convenient home use. The sealed ampoule maintains freshness, and a separate cap is provided for adjustable application. A needle for scalp painting ensures precise and effortless usage.


Efficient Results:

Experience visible results in just 15 minutes. After applying to the desired areas, let the ampoule absorb for a short duration before rinsing with lukewarm water. Witness a noticeable difference in hair thickness and a reduction in scalp dotting


Cost-effective home care:

Save on salon expenses by opting for at-home scalp painting using safe and effective ingredients. The ampoule lasts for 1 to 6 months, and retouching after a week is recommended for optimal results



Hear success stories from individuals who have used the Maximum Ampoule. Users report a significant improvement in hair thickness, and the before-and-after comparisons speak volumes about the product's effectiveness.


CNK Lab Hair Fillusion The Maximum Ampoule is not just a hair care product. It's a transformative experience. Embrace the journey to healthier, fuller hair with this advanced solution, and redefine your hair care routine. Make every day a voluminous fuller hair day!