Youthme Try Me Eye Brow Perm: Effortless Salon-Worthy Brows at Home

Introducing a product where self-love meets salon-quality beauty at the comfort of your own home — Youthme Try Me Eye Brow Perm. Yes, adorn those perfectly organized sleek eyebrows without stepping out of your front door!

The Try Me Eye Brow Perm, a result of four years of expertise from a brow treatment shop, just needs one use to last up to ~3 WEEKS straight, for any kind of eye brows! Fascinating, isn’t it? Let’s learn more…



The Perm features a simple two-step process that empowers you to create flawless eyebrows in just 10~20 minutes. The AGENT 1 Softening Milk (orange tube) flexibly loosens existing eyebrows, while the AGENT 2 Neutralizer Fix (green tube) sets them in your desired shape. The specially designed dual-sided brush ensures foolproof application, making salon-quality results achievable even for beginners.

What sets Youthme apart is our unique formulation, enriched with natural moisturizing factors like urea and hydrolyzed collagen. This formulation not only guarantees safe and effective care for your delicate eyebrow skin but also contributes to a cleaner, fuller, and more natural eyebrow texture.



Here are the simple steps to be followed:

  • Cleanse your face and remove any oil and moisture from your eyebrows.
  • For sensitive skin, apply a thick layer of lip balm around your eyebrows.
  • Apply Agent 1 Softening milk evenly, wait 8–12 minutes, and wipe it off.
  • Apply Agent 2 Neutralizer Fix, wait 8–12 minutes, and wipe it off.
  • Comb again with the perm brush and voilà! You’re done!
  • Resting time of Agents can be adjusted according to nature of eye brows. Thin or scarce eyebrows 5~8 mins; Medium eyebrows 8~10 mins; Bold eyebrows 10~12 mins
Comb your eyebrows with the brush to correct and style them.

Escape the hassle of salon visits and embrace the freedom of crafting your flawless eyebrow style with the Youthme Try Me Eye Brow Perm.

YouthMe’s commitment to self-love and high-performance beauty ensures that every day can be a "Today's Beauty" day. Unleash your confidence with this perm kit, where perfect brows are just minutes away!