Super foods: The Absolute Essentials to Healthy Skin

It has been said countless times that you are what you eat, meaning that the food you eat often reflects on your own body. This could not be truer for the skin. It isthe largest organ in our body after all, so it should come as no surprise that it can effectively reveal the state of our diet. When taking care of the skin, it is an understatement that we should watch what we eat. In fact, we should pay close attention because the contents of our plate could be the difference between average and radiant skin. What then are the foods that are a must have for a best results on the skin?

 1.  Dark chocolate

Starting on a sweet note, chocolate is one of the most beloved snacks in our kitchens. But did you know that dark chocolate is also nutritious as well? The key word to note here is “dark”, as this indicates the level of cocoa flavanols present in each bar. It is these very flavanols that are great for the skin, providing antioxidant properties that help to keep the skin more hydrated, and therefore suppler.

2.  Berries

Continuing on the sweet tangent, everybody loves some good berries. Their strongest quality is the fact that they are rich in vitamin C, a very potent anti-oxidant. Everything from strawberries to blackberries to blueberries can have astounding effects on the skin when included as part of the daily diet. Substitute the sugar in your cereal for blueberries next time you are having breakfast and in time you will notice the change yourself.

3.  Fish

From the time we were little we have always heard that fish should become a regular part of our diet. Growing up, it becomes clearer just how much fish have to offer, especially for our skin. First of all, fish is often a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which come with awesome anti-inflammatory properties. Fish also contain zinc, an all-important mineral that is essential for proper tissue repair. This translates to really soft skin. Last but not least, Fish is a great source of selenium, a very powerful anti-oxidant that can guard the skin from all sorts of skin diseases. So the next time you are out shopping, stock up on your salmon, sardines and herring.

4.  Dark leafy greens

If you have always liked kale then it should come as an extra bonus to you that it is a great source of vitamin A and C. It is also rich in the nutrient lutein which can help the skin neutralize the effects of harmful UV radiation. The same could be said about a lot of the leafy greens out there, so do not be afraid to stock up.

5.  Water

This is perhaps the most important item you can drink for your skin. Always stay hydrated so that you skin does not exhibit signs of drying up. It is healthy all around and should never be underestimated for the numerous benefits it brings to your skin. So remember to always drink your water.