Get Back to the Basics with These Essential Skin Care Tips

When it comes to skin care, there is a lot of information available that offers all sorts of guides on how best to accomplish such a detailed feat. However, ask any woman out there, and most will tell you that all this information aside, it is just as important to get back to the basics when taking care of your skin. The absolute basics are sometimes all it takes to get your skin looking radiant again, and in this article, we will shed light on some of the most basic tips that should be a part of your everyday routine.

1.  Protect yourself from the sun

This might sound like such a hard ask considering the sun is out there every day, but it is important to note that what we feel as heat when we expose ourselves to its rays also comes with radiation. The Ultraviolet Radiation coming from the sun can have disastrous effects on unguarded skin. Everything from wrinkles and discoloration to skin cancer is on the table with too much exposure to the sun. Keep your skin safe by investing good quality sunscreen as well as avoiding baking in the sun for long periods of time. Do not be afraid to seek out the shade whenever you are out and about, and your skin will thank you for it.

2.  Clean daily but don’t forget to tone too

It is fairly obvious that we should clean our skin every day. After all, that is how we get rid of the dirt accumulated on it throughout the day. However, what many often choose not to do or are unaware of completely is toning.  It may seem like an extra set of steps in your cleaning routine, but investing in a good toner could be the difference between you and acne free skin. What toning does is go after the residual dirt that often clings just a little more on the skin, even after normal washing. A good toner will often get these particles and leave your pores clean and dirt free.

3.  You are what you eat

It is no secret that anyone can tell what is going on in your diet by what you eat.  That said, the healthier the foods we take in, the better our skin will glow. Invest in a lot of dark leafy vegetables for the vitamins and minerals, but do not forget the berries and the antioxidants that they carry with them. Stock up on some omega 3 from some fish and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

4.  Be gentle

This is one of the most basic tips and also the most forgettable. We spend a lot of our days exposed to the harsh conditions of the environment, but we often forget to be gentle towards our skin. When it comes to cleaning, avoid scrubbers that are too abrasive, that can leave you feeling raw after a bath. Remember to moisturize so that your skin does not go dry, and avoid water that is too hot when showering.

5.  Avoid stress

Have you ever noticed the acne that often comes knocking when you are under stress? It is not a coincidence that it happens because these two are related, the skin reacts to that stress that we feel and it often very quickly shows on our skin. So try to declutter your life from stressful situations and your skin will reflect this calm and control in graceful radiance.

All said and done, it is very easy to forget these simple things and jump straight into the complex routines, but so long as these are not abandoned, your skin can only look better the more you continue to care for it.