Your Complete K-beauty Hair Product Basket

Is obtaining long and shiny tresses your far distant aspiration? Well, not anymore! You can also flaunt stunning thick locks in no time, similar to thousands of women who cannot stop themselves in going gaga over K-Beauty hair care.

Be a pro, go natural!

The Korean beauty regime leaves no stone unturned to help you achieve beautiful and healthy hair, with the usage of natural occurring ingredients and state-of-the-art methods. Korean hair experts have meticulously combined nutritious extracts of argan, green olives, raspberry, gooseberry, aloe vera and many more that gives volume, strength and luster. This regime follows the similar nourishing mantra of caring like their skin; they consider their hair as their proud possession.

Before hair care, first do the scalp care

This nurturing routine is based on the conviction that scalp and hair care are two separate means and require distinct formulations. Say to good bye to weak and brittle hair and adopt Korean Hair routine, which really emphasizes in keeping your scalp healthy and clean for perfect locks. Usually, salon treatments and harsh chemicals, build up on your scalp, accompanied with external dirt and damage.In this incredible practice, scalps are cleansed and exfoliated for better hair growth and in comes the scalp scalers. These scalers are eminently based on salicylic acid for removing impurities, oil build-up and dead skin cells. This promotes strong hair growth, hair which is resilient, able to stay in their original color with luscious texture and shine. Let it stay on scalp for few minutes and rinse, once a week.

Next comes the scalp massage by using scalp brushes during shampooing that fosters blood circulation in hair follicles, further removing any leftovers and thus aiding in hair growth.

Maintaining a healthy pH level on your scalp is very critical. In case of itchy scalp, it means that your scalp is alkaline, causing dandruff, eczema etc. For such issues, a weekly vinegar rinse is imperative.

Your hair wants masks and essence too

If you are in a belief that masks are only for skin, then think again! Korean hair experts have formulated highly enriched and potent hair masks that provide hydration and nourishment from the root to the tip, running through each strand of your precious hair. In just fifteen minutes and so, these masks will leave your hair feel well-fed with the presence of herbal essences and extracts, with amino acids and elastin.

If following Korean routine, you cannot dare to skip their endearing essence, even for hair and work up as a finishing step for your hair care. These highly concentrated essences are tailor made to each and every need and problem of hair. Your hair would feel soft and fragrant like never before and would return back hydration.

Go easy on your wallet

Another allure that distinguishes K-Hair care regime is that it is fairly lighter on the wallet, despite of using several product lines for reaping optimum benefits for your beloved hair.

Hair care is usually overshadowed with skin care, but not in Korean regime, where hair is an integral part of every beauty and grooming talk.