The Sunmanc Kombucha Drink - Peach Flavoured

The Sunmanc Kombucha Drink - Peach Flavoured

What does one have to do, to get a drink that tastes great, has innumerable health benefits, AND increases your water intake? Well, the answer is quite simple - all you need to do is to take home the Sunmanc Kombucha Drink - Peach! It is a fermented green tea drink, made with tea leaves from Boseong! It contains Vitamin C, 19 types of Lactobacillus and NO sugar! If that doesn't impress you - it also has no Alcohol, but contains dietary fiber that helps with digestion and is made with 12 kinds of organic ingredients! AND it is extremely refreshing and tastes like sweet Peach!

What exactly is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a beverage made by fermenting black or green tea with natural yeast and Scoby. Scoby is a jelly-like mass that is necessary for the bacteria and yeast to survive and ferment the mixture!

During this fermentation, the bacteria and yeast create various nutrients like Lactic Acid, Glucuronic Acid, Polyphenols etc. These help your body with different kinds of nourishment and give you multiple health benefits.

The Sunmanc Kombucha is made by fermenting the tea grown in Boseong, Jeollanam-do for 10-14 days. This is done by the standardized fermentation method developed by Sunmanc. Over multiple tests and R&D this method uses the yeast, and bacteria developed by Sunmanc to produce an undiluted Kombucha over 2 weeks!

How does liquid Kombucha come in the powder?

When the undiluted Kombucha is ready, using the spray drying method, the liquid fermented broth is instantaneously dried to made powder! This leads to a shorter drying time and minimal loss of nutrients.

This method is the most stable of methods and is highly recommended for drying products of high nutritional value! It just involves the process of atomizing the liquid droplets in the broth. The drying is accomplished within a few seconds.

Let us give you some numbers

  • 400 mg of peach black tea powder
  • 180mg of Black tea powder
  • 500mg of Kombucha
  • 17kCal per stick
  • 100mg of Vitamin C
  • 19 species of Lactobacilli
  • 12 organic raw materials
  • 24.6mg of Caffeine (Almost 4 times lesser than the coffee you have regularly!)
  • 0% Alcohol

What are the health benefits of the Sunmanc Kombucha Drink?

The Sunmanc Kombucha Peach is a nourishment-filled, tasty drink that leaves you feeling satisfied!

  • It contains enough Vitamin C to satisfy your body’s daily need
  • It is SUPER yummy - and therefore, you end up hydrating yourself frequently.
  • The Lactobacilli and dietary fiber make it extremely good for the Gut
  • Low sugar, caffeine, and alcohol make it an amazing companion on a daily basis for your health.

The Sunmanc Kombucha Peach is clean, good, and DELICIOUS food that keeps you healthy and well-nourished!

How to drink it?

Step 1:Open a single sachet

Step 2: Add to 250 ml of water for a refreshing drink

(OR) Add to 200-500ml for a more diluted but long-lasting drink

(OR) Add to 250ml of Carbonated water

The recommended intake is about 1-3 sticks per day for healthy adults. You can drink it from time to time to keep your body well-nourished and hydrated, with the taste of Peach Kombucha!