This is a word that is used so very often by so many people and companies. So much so that it feels like we hear it once every hour - right? But what exactly are probiotics and WHY is it causing this much of a hullabaloo? Don’t you also wonder about the same? So here is an in-depth look at everything about Probiotics!

What are they?

They are live microorganisms that have innumerable health benefits when you consume them. You can find them naturally in fermented foods like yoghurt or kombucha, or in dietary supplements and beauty products.

We often worry when we think of introducing bacteria and other microorganisms into our body. But keep your worries aside, as there are many bacterias that are helpful to the body. They help digest your food, destroy disease-causing cells and even product vitamins. Moreover, in your probiotics, the bacteria are same or similar to the microorganisms that naturally occur inside our bodies!

They are a part of a bigger picture that concerns your body and microorganisms - your microbiome. A biome is a diverse community of organisms that work together to keep the ecosystem functioning well - imagine a forest where the trees feed the animals, and the animals help with pollination and fertilization! A microbiome is the same but in a smaller scale. Your body’s microbiome consists of trillions of microbes. They exist in a combination of

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Protozoa
  • Fungi (including yeasts)

These trillions of microbes can be found in varying combinations - ensuring that all of us have unique microbiomes! (Isnt that fascinating?)

Are all microbes probiotic?

No. While there are millions of bacteria and microorganisms present in the world, for one to be a probiotic, it needs to have the following characteristics

  • It should be able to survive outside a human being
  • It should survive inside the human being after being ingested
  • It should have a proven benefit to the human being
  • It should have the ability to be safely consumed.

Where do they live, once ingested?

The most common place linked as the home of beneficial microbes is your gut - mostly in your large intestines. However, there are several locations in your body that hosts good microbes.

  • Gut
  • Mouth
  • Vagina
  • Urinary Tract
  • Lungs
  • Skin

How do they work?

The main job of probiotics is to help your body maintain a healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria in your body. It basically helps your body stay neutral. When ill, a load of bad bacteria enters your body and knocks it off the neutral position. Sometimes, you take tablets - antibiotics - that rid your gut of all the bacteria - both good and bad! That’s when probiotics help restore balance.


  • Help your body digest food
  • Keep the bad bacteria from getting out of control
  • Help your gut remain strong
  • Create vitamins
  • Help support the cells of your gut lining
  • Help break down and absorb medications.

What is our recommendation?

In our arsenal, we have a wide variety of probiotics that are helpful for your gut’s microbiome!

We are such huge fans of probiotics! So much so that we even have probiotics in skincare! ( 😉 Head on over to our Dr. Esthe RX Goat Milk Peel Program to get the benefits of Probiotics on your skin flora!)

The Celtiva Probiotics Diet

Celtiva Probiotics Diet contains 10 billion CFU and has 2 types of  Lactobacillii - Plantarum KY 1032 and Curvatus HY 760. It is a Probiotics supplement that helps maintain your gut health while also giving you the added benefit of helping with weight loss. It also reduces the visceral fat in your body and helps manage abdominal fat!

One tablet a day for general health, or Two tablets a day for weight loss. Don't consume with hot water or acidic beverages!

The Celtiva Probiotics W

Celtiva Probiotics W is formulated with 3 strains of patented lactic acid bacteria that help with vaginal health and 14 strains of lactic acid bacteria that help with gut health. This dual functional probiotic helps protect your vagina from infections and your gut from bad bacteria. It smoothens your bowel movement and maintains good health for your urinary tract.

One tablet a day for general health. Don't consume with hot water or acidic beverages!

The Celtiva Probiotics Kids

Celtiva Probiotics Kids Chewable has smart, complex strains which are suitable for the intestinal environment of growing children. It is upgraded from 1 billion to 5 billion guaranteed bacteria count per chewable! With a yummy yoghurt flavour that makes it tasty to ingest for kids, it helps children’s bowel movements with lactobacillus proliferation and harmful bacteria inhibition.

One tablet a day. Don't consume with hot water or acidic beverages!

HandB Collagen Peptide

HandB Drinking Collagen Peptide is Korea's first patented NF1 lactic acid bacteria blended with premium liquid collagen. It helps maintain gut health and stops constipation. It also energizes your body and mind, promotes heart and mental health, and strengthens your hair, skin, and nails!

Take one bottle in the morning on empty stomach or before going to bed.

Sunmanc Kombucha - Peach

The Sunmanc Kombucha has 19 different types of lactobacilli that support your digestion and immune system. Each stick satisfies your daily intake of Vitamin C and gives you dietary fiber, nutrition and nourishment. It also helps your body by reducing cholesterol, and stimulating detoxification of your liver!

Ingest 2-3 times a day, based on your need!

Shake Baby - Goat Milk

Shake Baby Goat Milk Protein is a premium protein shake perfect for those looking for a delicious protein shake. It has 9 different combinations of protein, 9 amino acids, 12 vitamins, and minerals, and 3 complex lactobacillus!

Consume once a day (replace with one meal) for weight loss - basic plan OR Consume twice a day (replace with two meals) for weight loss - super plan OR Consume twice a day (add with two meals) for weight gain!

Have you taken home your probiotics yet? With this wide array - you can pick and choose the flavors that match your taste - and keep your entire family healthy!

Poo Poo Enzyme

The Poo Poo Enzyme is made with 2 patented technologies applied enzymes, 15 grains and 17 organic fruits and vegetables! It helps with energy activation and aids in smooth digestion. It also contains naturally fermented Lactobacillus - making for the perfect combination of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Nutrition, and Enzymes. All these digestive goods, in each sachet, keep your stomach neat, clean, and well looked after! Moreover, it also aids with weight loss!

Consume 1-3 Sachets per day for adults - preferably one after each meal. Consume 1/2 sachet per day for children.

Probi Bone Health

It contains a mix of 3 probiotic strains and Vitamin D to strengthen your bones, increase your calcium absorption, boost immunity and promote gut health. It also gives you better skin and dental health. It supports balance in the natural bone remodeling process. Each capsule contains 10 billion live lactobacilli that help with your bone health. Vitamin D3 aids your body’s absorption of the capsule.

One capsule per day is to be consumed after your meal.

Probi Iron+

It contains Lactobacillus Plantarum, Iron, Vitamin C and Folic acid to increase your body’s iron intake. It treats anemia, helps boost iron in your body, promotes gut health, boosts immunity, and reduces fatigue. It contains 10 billion live bacteria per serving! Each capsule helps restore and supports iron stores. It is also able to support your body’s iron status during pregnancy

One capsule per day is to be consumed after your meal. One capsule twice daily to be consumed after your meal, for pregnant & nursing women.

Have you taken home your probiotics yet? With this wide array - you can pick and choose the flavors that match your taste - and keep your entire family healthy!