Microencapsulation: The Best of Both Worlds

Micorencapsulation. That has been the buzzword in the skincare industry, and it has been finding its way into as many products as it can. And why wouldn’t it? It has revolutionized the way active ingredients get into your skin!

Skincare products are tricky to manufacture and build. The ingredients that we love, the antioxidants, the vitamins, the nutrients, and the fragrance - all need to be amalgamated into a package that suits all your skin needs! Many of these ingredients have limitations with how well they can mix with another ingredient, whether they get oxidized, and how unstable they are. Sometimes the ingredient needs another combined with it so that it can get into your skin and actually be effective!

These obstacles are sorted at times with packaging, chemical modifications or additional ingredients and preservatives. But this can result in less effective or more expensive products or even products that can cause an allergic reaction.

And so, necessity became the mother of invention - and microencapsulation became the way forward!

Microencapsulation forms tiny bubbles around each active ingredient molecule - keeping them safe until they have to get into the skin!

These capsule shells are microscopic - like the name says. They trick the skin into letting the molecule through, without modifying the ingredients inside. Many ingredients need the help of these capsules to get past the outer layers of the skin to reach deep within where they will be having more of an effect!

How does it work exactly?

How do the ingredients get into your skin when you apply them? While this can vary between the different types of capsules, there are specific algorithms that allow for the ingredient's release.

One method makes the capsule pop only when it reaches a particular temperature - that of your skin when you rub them against it! They break open and in the ingredients go!

Another makes the capsule react to the difference in acidity between the capsule itself and your skin.

The third uses the harmless bacteria that reside on our skin. This bacteria and the enzymes it produces, destroy the capsule cover and release the ingredients into your skin!

While these methods depend on the exact nature and make of the capsule, they are all suitable for releasing the ingredient once it hits the skin!

Our View

We love learning and finding out about new technologies in the skincare world. And we love bringing them to you. Encapsulation has been a godsend to get a lot of ingredients together and give you the best of multiple worlds.

Sunscreen and Serum Combo

The Vely Vely Collagen Sun Serum

Vely Vely Sun Serum with Collagen & SPF 50+ PA++++ provides moist serum care along with a strong UV protection for your skin! It does this with its encapsulated ingredients!

This has 50% water collagen capsules that are encapsulated to burst only upon application and to effectively get absorbed by the skin. Upon bursting, all the active ingredients like the 50,000ppm Hydrolyzed Collagen, and extracts of 6 berries go deep into your skin!

  • Collagen provides your skin with Moisture, Hydration and Elasticity Care. It firms up the skin and ensures that your skin revives back its youth and gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyaluronic Acid that fills the skin up with mositure
  • Berry 6 Complex that gives your skin immense nourishment - with vitamins and minerals
  • Pomegranate Extract calms and protects your skin. It leaves the skin with a shiny finish

Essence and Powder Combo

The UIQ Biome Barrier Essence in Powder

The UIQ Biome Barrier Essence in Powder is a powder-type essence. It has encapsulated the key active ingredients in powder form. So you can get all the goodness of the essence while smoothing your rough skin. It also helps improve the skin tone!

It protects the skin against bad bacteria while promoting a balanced microbiome. It strengthens the skin barrier and moisturizes the skin from within

  • Cutibiome ™ strengthens the skin’s natural strength and helps strengthen the skin’s barrier
  • Fructan and Protease exfoliate the old skin, while hydrating and moisturizing the skin
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside 2% which helps whiten your skin!