Jumping into The World of Colour Correction

There are times when we imagine the outcome of our face makeup but the end result is completely different! Your redness, scars, acne, and dark circles still peek through your layers of makeup. Or sometimes, you try your hardest to hide them and end up with a cakey look because of innumerable layers.

When it comes to masking skin concerns, we think concealers are considered the holy grail! That’s why when we see acne or blemishes - we just think applying layers of concealer will just make them disappear. But this doesn’t solve anything, but just gives you a bumpy look.

We are here to help you navigate through the ins and outs of colour correction!

What is Colour Correcting?

If you are scrolling through Instagram and you follow makeup artists, we are sure you have come across different coloured concealers and wondered why. That is colour correction!

Colour Correction is a method of using complementing colours to get rid of skin discoloration! Colour correctors are very lightweight on the skin and are very similar to that of a creamy concealer.

How does it work?

If you know colour theory - you know that colours opposite to each other in the colour wheel cancel each other out.

So in a color corrector, we use shades that are used directly opposite to the colours and shades of our skin - which cancel out the textures and even out the skin tone! There are different colours for different skin concerns. When you know which concern you want to correct, you can choose the color! In case you aren’t sure - imagine the color wheel and choose a concealer that cancels out the hue!


Orange/Salmon colour corrector is the most commonly used one. Do you know why? It helps you cancel out the dark circles, dark spots and neutralizes the crows feet..

You can even use a concealer with an orange or salmon undertone to hide these skin concerns and to achieve the same effect as an orange color corrector.

Peach also works on the same colour principle, although it is more suited for people with fair to medium skin tone.

Psst. You can even use an orange/peach lip makeup product to correct them! Blend it well before you move on to your foundation!


Green colour corrector is very effective at reducing the appearance of redness on your skin. Angry pimples, irritation and red spots can be covered up by applying a thin layer of green corrector to cancel them out!


Yellow colour correctors are used to cover up the appearance of bruises and veins that are purple-shaded. It even covers up mild redness of the skin.



This helps brighten your skin and cancels out yellow undertones. It brightens up your skin and cancels out the dullness!

When do you need to apply the corrector?

The best time to apply the colour corrector is after applying primer but before you apply your makeup! It is the second step of your makeup routine. This is because you want the colour of the skin concern to be corrected before you actually start with the makeup!

What are your skin concerns?

Dark circles: Go for orange/peach to counteract based on your skin tone

Blemishes and Dark spots: Use a shade of concealer lighter than your cushion and set it with your fixer and powder.

Pimples/Redness: If your redness is very vivid, try out the green colour correctors. Cover it with a concealer having a warmer undertone. We recommend the Numbuzin No2 Goodbye Redness Derma Toneup! It has a green base that corrects the redness of your skin while also protecting you from the sun with SPF 50+ PA+++!

Fine Lines: Moisturize your skin before you add any makeup products. This will help soften those lines and make them more pliable. Use a shade of concealer that is lighter than your foundation!

Hyperpigmentation: Prime your skin before you add on your makeup products. Get your desired finish by mixing concealers one shade lighter and darker and setting it with the powder

What do we recommend?

The Self Beauty Uniconic Primers

The Self Beauty Primers help prep your skin for the makeup products that are yet to come.

It also comes to solve certain skin concerns

  • Aurora Essence Primer - Brightening and Smoothing
  • Pore Control Essence Primer - Evens out skin Texture. Helps reduce appearance of pores
  • Hydrating Essence Primer - Hydrating and Moisturizing

The Mude Hug Cushion

An airy light cushion that gives you a natural tone. It gives you smooth and radiant skin.

It comes in 4 colours.

  • 17 Fair: Gives you a neutral but bright porcelain tone. It is recommended for covering up redness and blemishes.
  • 19 Ivory: Gives you a bright rosy tone. Recommended for covering freckles.
  • 21 Natural - Natural tone. Recommended for covering redness or large pores on the face.
  • 23 Beige - Soft yellow tone. Recommended for covering blemishes on the skin.

The Vely Vely Concealer

For flawless smooth skin with a tight fit! It is hydrating and gives full but weightless coverage.

It comes in 4 different shades

  • #17 Fair - Bright ivory beige.
  • #21 Light - Light Yellow Beige
  • #22 Beige - Neutral Cool Beige
  • #23 Natural - Warm Medium Beige

Lu’pium Cover Prime BB Cream

This moist and soft cream is used to correct blemishes and help your skin look flawless. The Lu’pium BB Cream does that and more! It brightens your skin texture, gives you high coverage and gives you sun protection!

The Uniconic Fixers

The Self Beauty Uniconic Fixers give you a powerful coating without the heavy feeling. It protects your skin and makeup from sweat, sebum, friction etc. These fixers make your makeup last longer while hydrating and nourishing the skin!


Feel free to mix and match and play around, the way you want to! Please be comfortable in your own skin and yet don’t hesitate to oomph up that made up look, any day!