How To Include Beauty And Skincare Trends 2020 In Your Routine

Taking care of your skin to make it look fabulous is always a trend. What makes a difference every season is the better skin finish you can obtain. To achieve this goal, Korean beauty products are always researching and experimenting.

Millions of customers around the world award those efforts by using Korean products. More importantly, showing their incredible effects on their skin. Some of them are already trendy and are waiting for you to include them in your daily routine.

They tell us that to achieve the dream finish of this year, it is necessary to clean your skin deeper, use long-lasting makeup, and take advantage of multitasking products. Here is how you can include some of them.

Clean your skin deeper

Clean skin is always beautiful skin. It avoids black and whiteheads, oil, clogged pores, and similar. When your skin is free of all those things, the makeup looks flawless and you look radiant.

Due to that, Korean companies invest many of their efforts trying to figure out better cleansers. This year, 2 products are excelling for helping us to clean deeper without harming our inner cells. They are the following:

  • Serendy Beauty Bubbletox Cleanser

This is a powerful cleanser that removes makeup and all kind of dirt from your complexion. Besides its sensational formula, it offers a refreshing effect with bubbles. You just need to keep it enough time on your face. As a result, it cleans deeper but softly while refreshing your face.

  • Abeluna Aqua Peeling Machine and Solution

Despite our daily efforts to clean our skin deeply, from time to time it is always recommended to peel it. It renews the layer of skin that is always exposed to external elements. In the past it was only possible to reach these treatments in spas or salons.

But Abeluna Aqua Peeling Machine contributed to change the game. It is easy to use, includes its own refreshing solution, and you can apply it at home!

Long-Lasting Makeup

Long-lasting makeup is always evolving and trying to overcome obstacles. Although some might last long, they produce negative effects. Therefore, when they last longer and maintain the natural balance of the skin, everybody wants them. Check some of them:

  • Lejong Control C1

This foundation pact is made to last and do it well. This is to say that your skin will be hydrated for hours and won´t break other layers of makeup. Besides, it is ideal for sensitive skin because it keeps redness and irritation at bay as it includes Centella Asiatica. 

  • Dreskin 2-in-1 Satin Tint and Balm

Tints arrived in the cosmetic industry to stay! And Dreskin solved the biggest problem of lip tints by including a protective layer of balm. This allows the tint to last but without cracking the skin of your lips. And the effect over our lips is amazing!

Multitasking Products

Many Korean products are multitasking and those listed above certainly are too. They cover their function while providing hydration, and protection.

However, when we talk about the skincare routine, we add the feature of compiling two or more steps in just one product. They are budget-friendly and can save you time. Currently, this is one of the favorites:

  • Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner

After the cleanser products, a good toner is a key to restore the balance of the skin. It removes the last traces of makeup and dirt. Thus, it guarantees the absorption of nutrients and moisturizers. And, this toner nailed it by adding the Licorice ingredient that helps to disperse and inhibit melanin.

So, in just 4 weeks you can reduce dark spots, scars, and pigmentation. Also, its pH 5.5. maintains the perfect balance of oil and moisture despite penetrating the deepest cells. And what makes it multitasking is that you can use it as the first step of your skincare routine to clean your face if you remove light makeup. Also, it works as the second step to tone your skin. Two steps in one.

Final Words

This year´s trends are totally aligned with our regular routines. And, it is good news to know that you can obtain more and better benefits without dramatic changes. If you haven´t updated your trends, it is a good time to start!