Holistic Wellness

When you are looking at improving your lifestyle - you need to look at improving your lifestyle holistically. You know that you keep your skin, hair, nails, and internal organs in great shape with products and supplements. However, if your house or apartment isn’t cleaned thoroughly, those germs and dirt will slowly find their way to affect you in ways that you didn't even imagine!

Why is it important to keep a clean home?

Keeps Germs Away!

We don't think we need to list the benefits of keeping germs and bad microorganisms away from you and your living space! The worry about keeping you and your family healthy - is a constant one. And that is why a clean home should be a priority.

Keeps you organized

Cleaning your home regularly ensures that you know where everything is. Also, you know what products, food items, etc are expired - and you ensure you are around only the good stuff!

Reduces allergies

If you don't keep your home clean, dust and other allergens will build up. Over time, this could cause some major issues including breathing problems. Even in small quantities, they can cause colds, coughs, asthma attacks, and other allergies.

Keeps out pests

Bugs and rodents are attracted to food spills, food particles, and other sources of food - however minuscule they might be to us. If you don't keep your kitchen, dining, and other food places clean, there are high chances that you are inviting pests into your home.

What do we recommend?

Era of Living  LivingTime Multi-Brush

The Livingtime Multi-Brush is an all-in-one brush that helps with all-purpose cleaning. It has excellent cleaning capability - removing dirt, stains, and moisture!

It has 3 functions in the brush head. The squeegee helps with the complete removal of water on the surface you are cleaning. A silicon brush helps you clean any surface with ease and a smaller brush for those tiny and narrow surfaces. These three together help take away any stubborn and embedded dirt throughout.

You can use it on

  • Sink and countertops
  • Tiles and Floors
  • Washbasin
  • Taps and Faucets
  • Mirrors and Glass
  • Bathtubs and Closets

How to use it?

  • Rub the surface with the broad silicone brush dipped in detergent.
  • Use the smaller crevice brush to clean nooks and crannies
  • Remove all residual water with the squeegee
  • After using, wash it under running water and hang it to dry!

Era of Living Livingtime Stain Remover

The Livingtime Stain remover is a powerful cleaner - it removes even the most stubborn of stains! It gives you a perfect removal of stains with 99.9% of sterilization. As a cleaner that can be used almost everywhere, this multipurpose stain remover leaves your surfaces shiny and glossy after use. This spray provides you with a healthy and bacteria-free environment for you and your loved ones!

It takes away all the pollutants and harmful bacteria and microorganisms that have gathered in and around your stains!

You can use it on

  • Gas stove
  • Induction
  • Range Hood
  • Walls
  • Tiles
  • Bathroom floor
  • Toilet
  • Bathtub
  • Mirror

How to use it?

  • Check your spray inlet - and see if it is in ON
  • Spray the cleaner on the surface from a distance of 20-30cm
  • Wipe it off 1-2 minutes after spraying (Don’t let it stay on your surface for longer than 2 minutes)
  • After use, lock the inlet spray to OFF and store it
  • For best results, use the Livingtime Multibrush

Era of Living Livingtime Washing Machine Cleaner

The Livingtime Washing Machine Cleaner is a convenient and hygienic way for you to do your laundry! It has a superior cleansing effect that gives you a perfectly clean washing machine every time.

Your washing machine cleanses away all the dirt and pollutants in your clothes. Therefore, sometimes the bacteria, impurities, and dust settle deep inside your washing machine, and these microorganisms and particles continue to harm your clothes (and you!) slowly. The Livingtime Washing Machine Cleaner kills 99.9% of the harmful bacteria in the washing machine.

How to use it?

  • Put one capsule into your washing machine’s drum/tub
  • Fill the washing machine with water at least 40° C and soak for 1 - 2 hours
  • Run the normal cycle to start cleaning after soaking! (Wash-Rinse-Spin)

AquaDuo Filter Shower SF-580

This is for all the times we have assumed that we have been bathing and cleaning our skin with clean water - but ended up with allergies and rashes all over!

The Aquaduo Filter Shower SF-580 will introduce you to the cleanest water! With an NSF-certified material filter, this showerhead prevents impurities from entering your water! It helps with saving water, while also purifying it with its antibacterial properties.

It generates natural negative ions that help keep away bacteria and fungus that grow in the water. It reduces the presence of E.coli, staphylococcus aureus, etc in your water by 99%!

How to use it?

  • Separate the shower hose from the connector of the existing showerhead.
  • Install the AQUADUO Filter Shower by screwing it into the existing shower hose.

How to use the Sediment Filter?

  • Loosen the showerhead and body to the left.
  • Remove contaminated filter.
  • Put the direction shown at the top toward the showerhead and turn it to the right to tighten and close.

How to use the Vitamin Filter?

  • Loosen the shower headcover by turning it to the left.
  • Remove the vitamin C gel filter from the old head filter and insert the new filter in the same direction as the image.
  • Put the vitamin C gel filter in the same direction as above on the replacement lid.

Era of Living Livingtime Toilet Cleaner Pads

The Livingtime Toilet Cleaner Pad is a convenient way to clean and sterilize your toilets!

It makes your chore of cleansing the toilet simple and easy with its disposable pad. It kills 99.9% of the germs in the toiler, and its curved structure makes it easy to reach every corner of your toilet! And what makes it better? It combines both your toilet cleaning products - detergent and toilet brush!

It contains a sterilizing and cleaning detergent with the subtle fragrance of lavender that clears all the microorganisms and dirt on your toilet bowl! The disposable pad is water-soluble and biodegradable - making it safe for the environment too!

It can be used on

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Tiles
  • Drains

How to use it?

  • Push the handle button forward
  • Take one pad and put it on the clip part. Adjust by pulling the handle button back
  • Soak the pad in water to make the detergent flow and clean your toilet.
  • After you are done with your cleaning, push the button forward and throw the used pad in the toilet and flush it!

Era of Living Livingtime Drainage Cleaner

The Livingtime Drainage Cleaner is a drain cleaning solution that clears out all the blockage in your drain pipe.

It is a convenient powder type that produces rich and foamy bubbles as it pushes out the germs and pollutants from your drain. It is free of 4 harmful substances, but removes 99.9% of germs in your drain! It also eliminates odor in pipes. It forms foamy bubbles that sterilize, deodorize and clean the drain. You can use this to clear out the drain pipes without worrying if your pipe will corrode!

How to use it?

  • Pour hot water on the faucet or sink to clean
  • Open the sachet and pour the cleaner over the mouth of the drain or the area you want to clean.
  • Rinse with hot water - 10 to 20 minutes after foaming.


Are we right, or are we right, CocoFam? You definitely need a spotless home to ensure that you keep yourself, and your friends and family protected from all those harmful germs that reside in those unclean nooks and corners. That's why we got your back ♥️