One of the things we look at, when we are going out - be it for a big event or just a small brunch with friends - our makeup should last the entire day. This is a very serious and tough feat, especially if it has to withstand the weather for the entire day. Your eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, foundation, and all need to stand strong against heat, tears, sweat, and everything in between. And that's why you need a makeup fixer! Makeup Fixers are used to keep your makeup on your skin even on hot summer days, during workouts, or even on vacations where the destination is extremely sweaty!

If you are the person who knows what a makeup fixer is, but isn't sure how to use it OR if it is needed at all, or if you are the person who doesn't know what it is, we are hoping that by the time you are done with this article, you have a clearer idea as to why you should have a makeup fixer in your makeup kit.

What is a Makeup Fixer?

We all know the feeling, don't we? Of sitting and spending minute after minute, in front of the mirror and applying makeup all over your face, just to see it disappear before you even sit to have lunch! This leads us to wonder - all that hard work, and for what?!

That’s when your Makeup Fixers come into the picture! It is like a topcoat for your makeup, that keeps your makeup to your skin and prevents it from fading away as the day goes on!

Just like a hairspray helps keep your hairdo from getting messed up, your makeup fixer does the same job! It is not easy to ensure that all your makeup remains undisturbed throughout the day - of course, you have to eat and drink water - but the fixer keeps those touch-ups to a minimum!

Pssst. Did you know that some makeup artists use makeup sprays during the application process between each layer? Ie. A spritz after foundation, another after a concealer..and so on. According to them, this gives you a fuller look, and keeps all your makeup layers safely on your skin! However, it takes lots of skill and years of practice to ensure that this gives you good results and doesn’t make your makeup look stiff or cakey.

If I need to make my makeup adhere to my skin, cant I just use a primer?

While yes, Primers also help with makeup adhering to your skin, they aren't the same as fixers! Primers are applied to your skin pre-makeup AND can be added to your makeup products to enhance your look. They help ensure that any bumps and pores on your skin don't give you rough, uneven makeup! Basically, they help give an even and fresh canvas for you to apply your makeup! (We recommend using the Uniconic Primers - Aurora, Pore Control, and Hydrating Essence Primers to prep your skin before you apply your makeup!)

Whereas, fixers are the finishing stage of your makeup! They are used as the finishing touch when you are done applying your makeup and are ready to head outside.

So you need to find makeup fixers that match your skin type. This is important because your skin requirements will vary based on what type you have

For Oily or Combination Skin

When you have oily or combination skin, it is very likely that as you go about your day, your foundation starts getting shinier and shinier. So much so that you might actually appear to be sweaty by the time it is actually time for your lunch! So you need to aim for a makeup fixer that will give you a matte output! This mattifying property of your fixing spray will keep your makeup on longer, and will reduce the shine given off by your oily skin as the day progresses! It contains ingredients to absorb that excess shine.

We recommend our Self Beauty Uniconic Shield Fixer. It is a clean and refreshing Makeup Fixer that is ultra-light. It leaves a thin and strong film across your face, that keeps your makeup from smudging while ensuring that your skin doesn't feel stuffy or suffocated! It gives you a matte and fluffy output. Made with Hyaluronic acid, Holy basil extract, Moringa Oleifera Extract, and neem Tree Extract this fixer deeply hydrates your skin while giving you a subtle and soft glow.

For Dry or Neutral Skin

People with dry skin end up with makeup that seems to not stick to their skin. It ends up making it more prone to fading and streaking - and sometimes even ends up making you look dull and washed out. You need to opt for a makeup fixer that imbibes your skin with moisture! This makes your makeup look dewy and radiant, while actually giving your skin some much-needed hydration. This property of your makeup fixer will keep you looking healthy and shiny while ensuring that your makeup adheres to your skin for longer!

We recommend our Self Beauty Uniconic Glow Makeup Fixer. It gives you thorough moisturization and leaves you with a natural glow. It has moisturizing and soothing ingredients - Spearmint, Oregano, and Lemon balm Extracts, that relax and calm the skin. It gives you a natural dewy and radiant glow!

How to use them?

Step1: Shake well before use

Step 2: From 6-10” away, spray it 5-6 times evenly all across the face

Step 3: Wait till it dries off completely before you start for the day!

Our Conclusion

We love both these Makeup Fixers because they keep our makeup to the skin - no smearing, smudging or transferring! Can you believe it? No transferring, even with a mask on!

While we recommend these sprays for those skin types, we also know that we all have different needs and moods for the different occasions in our lives. So we suggest that you try both these fixers. On summery days when you are heading outside for a picnic, you might want a matte finish on your makeup. But on those very days, if you are heading to an indoor meetup, you might feel like having a dewy makeup look. Having both these fixers in your makeup arsenal will ensure that you can actually dress up as you feel!