Fem Intimate Care Trio

Just like one’s skincare, hair care, and body care routines, there is an ‘intimate care’ routine that no one talks about and is mostly neglected by most of us…

…and behold! This FEM TRIO is all about it 💗

Consisting of a breast-firming cream, multi-use nipple tints, and a vag-fem wash, let us elaborate as to why this routine will keep you feeling fresh, confident, and carefree for the years to come!


We, women, pass through various phases of our life and our breasts accentuate our body curves and make us look beautiful. Both breasts are the hanging organ of our body and with age and time, it also gets de-shaped. Therefore, we have to maintain the shape of the breast at the right time so that they do not sag too much.

Sagging of breasts may occur due to hormonal imbalance, obesity, and breastfeeding after pregnancy. The weakening of glands also causes breast sag and even nutritional imbalance may be the reason behind breast sagging.

Almost all of us have had tender, painful breasts at some time during our lives. And, those horrendous times of red, sore, and itchy under-the-

Eve By Claire Breast Firming Cream has the perfect blend of potential ingredients including 5% VOLUFILINE because of which you can observe beautiful results in just a few weeks to 3 months.

Add volume, firmness, moisture & elasticity to your tender breasts by simply applying and massaging the cream, consistently, every day!


Dry & sore nipples? Flaky & wrinkling nipples? Dark & black nipples?

Please don’t hesitate or feel shy if these concerns are something that’s on your mind…

The color of a person’s nipples does not change over time, but the areola — the circular area around the nipple — may darken in color. Hormonal changes can cause this, for instance, during pregnancy, using oral contraceptives, or even the onset of puberty!


Brighten, moisturize, soothe & smooth the wrinkles on your nipples with a 100% safe & natural pigment formula that can also be used on cheeks, lips, elbows, (and even on crack!), etc. with our multi-use Nipple Tints!

Let us not forget that the sound health of your breasts is what is going to keep those nipples lively & thriving!


Vaginal stress & infections (a broader term for vaginal inflammation would be Vaginitis) are super common and super treatable when you understand how they can develop and what they can look, smell and feel like.

Even with a not-so-scientific understanding, let us break it up in an easy way!

One, pH balance is really important. Your vagina knows to keep itself healthy & protected but not when the pH is imbalanced and the barrier is compromised.

Two, the balance of bacterial presence. Yes, we come down to the same gut health theory whereby the balance of good & bad bacteria is necessary.

Agent 9 Intimate Wash is a stellar product with a foam bubble formula that you can use with confidence for your Y-zone health. It is popularly called the probiotics micro-biome cleanser. As the name suggests, it contains 3 types of fermented Bifida Lactobacillus lactic acid bacteria along with 429750ppm of Provence Rose Water, and plant-derived surfactant (coconut-based).

Y-zone is also skin, but it’s quite sensitive skin. And this vegan-certified, 100% EWG green-graded vegetable ingredients-based product has passed over 9 clinical tests including acquiring the German Derma's highest excellent grade, being 99.9% antibacterial and removal of 99.9% bad & unpleasant fishy/oily odors. It is also trustable in sticking to the optimum 4.5 pH and causing no irritation or stickiness or discomfort.

CocoFam, please cart out this FEM TRIO to take good care of yourselves 🥹 And did we tell you that it is sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces when gifted?