Boss Your Skin, Know Its Type

To be the master of a game, you must know the game. As obvious as it may sounds, hardly anyone pay importance to it, when it comes to your skin type. Without understanding your skin type, you would not be able to choose the right Korean beauty skincare and makeup products. Some can aggravate your skin conditions; perform less effectively, all resulting in more mess and skin’s nightmare.

The standard benchmarks

As daunting as it might sounds, determining your skin types depends typically on two basic rules. Primarily, the water-oil balance of your skin, its varying equilibrium sets the tone of your skin. The next crucial aspect is the sensitivity level of your skin, how much your skin reacts to certain substances.

Steps To Discovering Your Skin Type

Cleanse Your Face

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry.

Time Out

Leave your skin alone for at least an hour, with zero touching.

Closely Observe

Dab a clean tissue on your face, especially the t-zone area to witness any oil. Feel any kind of itchiness or appearance of lines by pinching a small area of your cheek.

Know Your Skin Type

The next step is the most nail biting because you can finally know your skin type.

Normal Skin

Normal: Preferably the skin which everyone wants, normal skin has the correct balance of water and oil, with maximum tolerance. You feel smooth and supple texture, barely any visible pores.

How to deal? Use Korean skincare products that are mild, not too heavy.  Try out varying products as you have the liberty to hit the jackpot.

Oily Skin

Oily: The most easily noticeable is the oily skin as you spot grease on tissue. It exhibits visible open pores, shine and acne. Teenagers and young adults are more likely to possess oily skin due to overactive secreting glands.

How to deal? The best K-beauty products for oily skin are gel or water based to avoid oils but plenty of hydration.

Dry Skin

Dry: When you feel tight or flaky skin, with prominent fine lines, it is most likely that you have dry skin. It is next to impossible to witness any visible or open pores.

How to deal? Religiously rely on intense moisture formulations like facial oils and serums that nourish and repair simultaneously.

Combination Skin

Combination: The most common skin type that has few traits of all the above skin types. It can be oily around t-zone and normal to dry in other areas.

How to deal? Trickier as it may sounds, bank on on best Korean moisturizers and toners to maintain overall skin balance that have the best of both worlds.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive: Noticeable patches of redness, acne and itchy skin, implies that you have sensitive skin.

How to deal?Ditch harsh cleansers or toners and slather acne fighting Korean beauty products that deeply hydrate and appease troubled skin.

Words of Wisdom

With years passing by or seasons switching by, your skin’s demands changes dramatically. Be sure that how these two important events influence your skin. As you age, your skin might require more collagen boosting products or when summers arrive and humidity escalates, you might want to change over to more intense best Korean facial scrubs.

The next time when you start your Korean beauty skincare shopping, make an informed and confident decision to a perfect skin. Remember that dead-on choices lead towardsyour perfect skin. 

No matter how tricky weather gets or what age bracket you are in, dazzle with a gorgeous skin by knowing your skin assets and liabilities.