A Beginner’s Guide To Night Time Skin Care

Coming home should be a chance to unwind, for your peace of mind and also for our skin. That’s right, just like your morning skin care routine prepared you for the day, you need a regimen to usher you into the night. Korean night skincare routines are all the rage for popularizing this trend, and for good reason.

Korean skincare for men and women at night time is centered on the general practice of literally giving your skin a break. To the people in this country, caring for the skin is more of a culture that has been cultivated for centuries. The beauty of this is that there is no reason for this culture to not be adopted by anyone else in the world today. You merely need to keep reading to find out how you too can get started on your own night skin care routine.

Knowing your skin type helps you pick your product

Understanding your skin type is important in helping you pick the right products for your night time routine. Products for oily skin will always indicate that they help with (oil) sebum control. Dry skin will require products that are formulated with mostly hydrating ingredients. Normal/ combination skin generally fares well with most skin care products.

In relation to this, your skin could have a type but also be easily irritated with breakouts, eczema or acne. This is fairly easy to identify because well, you can see how your own face looks and feels. It means that you have sensitive skin, and so you must focus on products that soothe the irritation and sensitivity that your skin feels.

Key products in a most basic routine include a cleanser, toner, and serum/essence/ampoule and night cream. Masks are optional, and can be used once or twice a week in the middle of your skin care routine to further nourish and care for it. Scrubs and exfoliators should also be used once or twice in a week after cleansing, to help clear out stubborn dirt or dead skin cells that tend to accumulate over time.

Getting it done

So you’ve done your research, visited our site and got yourself some of the best Korean night skincare routine products. What next?

  1. Always start by cleaning your skin with your cleansing gel, foam or water. Go for stronger oil based cleansers because the dirt accumulated in the day together with make-up can be a bit much. Alternatively, you can have two cleanser to do a double cleanse (yes, cleanse twice).
  2. Apply a toner to help restore your moisture and skin pH balance. Toners also tend to have great nourishing ingredients in them, which is an added bonus!
  • Add a serum to treat your specific skin care concerns. Hydrating serums fight dryness, anti-aging serums help to clear wrinkles and fine lines, and healing serums soothe and stimulate healing and strengthening for sensitive skin. This is also true for essences and ampoules as well.
  1. Finish with a night cream. The night cream that you select needs to focus on calming your skin and promoting healing of cells that may have been damaged by the elements in the day. It should send you off to rest well throughout the night, and to wake up with refreshed stronger skin.

These are the basic steps for any Korean night skincare routine, and you can give it try and see the results for yourself. Remember that you can always come back and visit our site to explore the wide range different products, to find the one that makes for the perfect night care regimen for you. All the best!