Jeanette & JuliOly

Jeanette is all over our JuliOly 💛💛

Naturally lustrous hair = healthy hair ✨

When your hair is dry, the outer layer breaks down, causing it to appear dull and unhealthy 😕

Dry hair develops when your hair doesn’t get or retain enough moisture. This reduces its sheen and can make it appear frizzy and dull.

If your hair is healthy, natural oils in the outer layer help protect the inner layers (Your hair consists of three layers). They also reflect light, making your hair appear shiny. Sheen and luster are two important signs of healthy hair ✨

JuliOly induces a comfortable warming effect like your daily steam care pack. With its paraben‑free formula and a hydrolyzed complex of silk, keratin, collagen, it fills these damaged gaps in the hair with nutrition and revives hair in under 7 seconds ⚡️The real mango extracts add a refreshing aroma too 🥭

Apply after shampoo > Massage from root to tip > Rinse off and style as usualsual

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P.S. Please don’t hesitate to flaunt your wholesome fluffy smooth & shiny hair just like our drop dead gorgeous beauty, Jeanette 🤩
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