Dalbodre & JuliOly

Dalbodre, a popular beauty enthusiast and model shares, “I was surprised that this product made my hair, which was a mess due to frequent bleaching and dyeing, soft and shiny after just one use~ 🥭💚💛🍎🍏 My hair was so damaged that it broke, but I really liked the feeling of being gently coated🥭🍍🍇

🥭Mango extract full of vitamins A, B, C, silk keratin and 6 types of herbal extracts provide care for scalp and damaged hair!

💛 When the ampoule treatment touches the scalp, it provides a moisturizing effect due to friction, and when mixed with water, it turns into cream and forms a coating film.”

JuliOly is a popular “Hair Gloss Ampoule” with a long‑lasting subtle Mango scent 🥭 and Real Mango 🥭 extracts!

Enrich your hair with Vitamins and 6 kinds of herbal medicinal ingredients. That keeps it moisturized, soft and shiny without weighing it down and making it feel greasy ✨

All‑in‑one scalp, root, and hair triple care 🤩

Revitalize your hair and bring back its luster!
We know it can feel like achieving shiny hair is equal parts good luck and genetics, however, you actually have more control over your hair than you might think by using this Ampoule!