Lip-smacking authentic delicacies straight from Jeju!


Who doesn't love food? Be it healthy, be it spicy, be it sweet, be it crunchy, be it healthy, or be it balanced, food is a vital part of our lives and that's just the way we like it, yeah?

Another part of what we love must be going on trips, is it not? Whether you are an outgoing beachy or party person or you are mostly a silent enjoying the moment oneself kinda person - trips to different destinations are something that we love in our own sort of way...

In this live, especially, we just brought both of them to you in the comfort of your home! Oh, yes, lip-smacking authentic delicacies straight from Jeju Islands were brought to our Singapore CocoFam, with love!

Jeju’s cuisine is unlike anything you’ll find in Korea. If you’re a meat-lover, there is no place better for Korean BBQ than Jeju Island, as the island boasts the best pork in the country. If seafood is more your thing, you’ll be happy to know that you can find a variety of delicious, fresh seafood anywhere in Jeju.

As an island, Jeju is disconnected from the mainland in more ways than one, and of all the foods that are unique to Jeju, black pork is probably the most well-known and popular. You'll be pleasantly surprised that the black pork ramen was one of our top sellers in the Live too!

From low-calorie cookies to citrus jellies and Jjondeugi traditional Korean snack (chewy diet snack) to 100% pure & sweet honey - we had something to offer even for those who are diet-conscious. These packaged treats were hygienically and conveniently packed for your travel needs or even gifting your loved ones. 

The cherry on top or should we say, the 'tangerine' on top were the cutesy orange candles that looked and smelled so refreshing! Yes, they were especially chosen because who can resist an aromatherapy session with these lovelies around by the table!

The Live Demos of cooking the ramen and enjoying the pure honey sticks literally had all our CocoFam yearning for more. And the citrusy colors were capturing everyone's attention like they were meant to. Plus, they were all economically priced for everyone to grab their favorites without much of a setback.

It was such a huge hit that we even did a short encore the very next day! Now, you really wouldn't want to miss our Food & Lifestyle Live Shows henceforth, would you, CocoFam? Please don't forget to set your reminders on every Tuesday & Thursdays @ 8 PM ♥️