Korean Anti-aging Face Mask Solutions from Daycell!


Did you manage to catch our Daycell Facial Masks Live with our Sue and Jian having a blast on the Go live session? If yes, that's great! If not, please read on...

This unbelievable array of bestsellers collection featured in numerous Korean pharmacies was exclusively curated for being available on Live and not on our Cocomo websites.

Trustworthy, Duty-free, these products in South Korea are so popular in their home shopping runs!! Over 100$ purchase would see you get a 5$ coupon free and there is FREE DELIVERY for purchases of over 60$!

Dr. VITA Mask 3-Pack Anti Wrinkle & Firming 25g
Pack of 10 Masks

Each Vitamin facial mask pack contains 10 pcs, and each piece has a generous 25ml of the ampoule with lots of the vitamins specified packed in.

Go for the Vitamin A, Adenosine pack if you have wrinkles/fine lines/smile lines/sagging skin. Providing skin elasticity, deep hydration, and high nutrition to your skin all day.

Go with the Vitamin B pack, if you suffer from acne, redness, and sensitive skin. Vitamin B controls the excess sebum making your skin soothe and smooth with a soft texture.

Reach out for the Vitamin C pack, if you really have intense acne and darker spots since Vitamin C provides skin elasticity while brightening your skin up.

This great Korean drug store skincare is tested and FREE OF Microorganisms, Lead, and Cadmium with a no chemical, great adhesion mask sheet made of Tencel.

DNA Dual Effect Eye Zone Pack 2g
Pack of 10 Masks

Let's get rid of the troubles around the eyes and make them Brighter! tighter! Be it dark spots or eye wrinkles or smile lines or neck wrinkles, we got your back!!

Did you know that your body stops producing EGF [Epidermal growth factor] once you hit 29? We know that’s sad but hey don’t fret.. here’s why this wonder product is just for you!!

A pack of 10, this magic dual effect pack has goodness filled in with EGF, 17 types of Amino acid complex, and Salmon egg/broccoli extracts to provide you with the much-needed elasticity, hydration, rich nutrition, wrinkle improvement, and brightening of your skin.

Dr. Band_2 STEP Volume & Lifting 6g
Pack of 10 Masks

Tired of double chin & sagging skin? We bring you the perfect lifting care made from the finest ingredients — peptide/collagen/Volufiline from France (remember our Eve by Claire breast-firming cream & Dr.Smis DualRoller Cream with Volufiline as their key ingredient?). Applying volume serum FIRST (apply till your double chin, absorbs it well) and wear the V-Fit lifting hydrogel Band (30-40min) giving you great adhesion and absorption!

MEDI LAB Black Rose Ampoule Mask Pack (Ultra Aqua) 25g
[Rose Cellulose Sheet] Pack of 10 Masks

Cleopatra enjoyed a bathtub shower with a damask rose for her beauty purpose!! Here we bring you just that Damask Rose Ampoule Mask!

Do you suffer from very dry skin or struggle with cakey makeup?

This pack is just the answer! Great for hydration, the 100% natural rose cellulose sheet mask is hypoallergenic and gives you brightening care, while the niacinamide & adenosine work on antiaging leaving your skin elastic and cool.

RENDÉJÀ-VOUS JEJU Volcanic Black Sheet Mask Pack 25g
Pack of 10 Masks

If you are someone with sensitive skin, we have this hypoallergenic tested product for ensuring pore care and avoiding redness.

Made of Jeju green tea (control skin oil & moisture), Jeju volcanic cluster (clarify pores) components with Phyto-oligo (hydration), this mask, soothes the skin while caring for your enlarged pores. While the BLACK SHEET made of bamboo charcoal powder effectively delivers nutrition deep into your skin.

RENDÉJÀ-VOUS JEJU Hallabong Whitening Mask Pack 25g
Pack of 10 Masks

If you are having dark spots and patches of darkening areas, we suggest this intense hypoallergenic mask pack!

Besides providing deep brightening care it leaves your skin with a silky glowing finish. Vitamin C is galore in this brightness pack with so many ingredients like the Jeju tangerine extract (rich vitamin C & carotenoids), Ascorbic Acid (pure Vitamin C) as well as the honey extract, hyaluronic acid, and allantoin provide deep hydration and skin conditioning.

Collagen Lifting & Moisture Mask Pack 25g
Pack of 20 Masks

You can age, but your skin doesn’t need to!! We present the collagen-rich, high adhesion cell sheet, hypoallergenic face mask, specifically for older skins (yep, age 26 falls in this category!!) It brings you a collagen complex of both marine and veg collagens and around 10 kinds of vitamins with amino acids complete with hyaluronic acid, giving all the pamper your skin deserves and delivering greater skin texture and elasticity.

Sue and Jian on the Go Live giving a demo of all the face masks on display!  Our First Daycell was a huge hit that we did a 2nd encore too with the same line of mask packs a few weeks later. Few special moments shared below!

Please go ahead, and mark your calendars, ladies!! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm!! Turn on the Live feeds where Sue and Jian bring all the goodies for you, authentically from South Korea to Singapore ♥️