Spicules and Skincare

We have been speaking to all of you about Spicules for a while now. And we have been praising its amazing ability at making your skin feel and look beautiful. Not to mention its extraordinary ability to boost your skin’s collagen synthesis. For all those of us who are worried about the signs of aging that are slowly appearing all over our skin, this ingredient is really a godsend.

What is it? Sponge Spicules are a needle-shaped element that we get from sea sponges on the seafloor! They are completely natural, vegan, 100% ecological, and at the same time unique. It is a hydrolyte of the purest organism in the world. The exoskeleton of sponges ( the parts that you see) is composed of a mixture of spongin and/or spicules. Spongin is a modified type of collagen protein and forms the "fibers" or "mortar" that hold spicules together.

What does it do? These needle-shaped spicule molecules work in a very clever way. They enter deep into your skin cells and fill them up with nourishment. They help in skin regeneration and in making your skin look beautiful from deep within. It is like natural micro-needling for your skin. They open up your epidermis and attack the damaged cells deep within the dermis and allow your skin to naturally heal itself. Therefore, it stimulates new cell growth, elastin, and collagen production. Moreover, this helps lighten hyperpigmentation and reduces pore clogging! Some research suggests that spicules help reduce the appearance of wrinkles while giving a visible tightening effect.

Additionally, Spicules are added along with a carrier to aid in the delivery of active ingredients to your skin. They help your skin receive the ingredient directly, with its ability to pierce your skin and reach your skin cells from within! This also helps give you quicker results as they penetrate the skin deeper and deliver the components to the skin faster

Can you use it on your face? This is a natural solution for your skin, ensuring that irrespective of any skin type, you can enjoy the benefits of the Spicules. However, there is a possibility that you might feel a tingling sensation for the first two days that you use it on your skin. But over time, your skin gets used to them. Sponge spicules tend to stay on your skin for 48-72 hours. After that, they fall off along with the stratum corneum skin cells.

What all skin concerns does it help improve? ● Signs of Aging ● Hyperpigmentation ● Dull and tired skin ● Uneven skin tone ● Loss of elasticity of the skin ● Loss of firmness of the skin ● Sagging of skin ● Reduced appearance of scars - include acne scars.

Our Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program is chock full of spicules. It helps your skin in way more ways than you can imagine as it also has PLLA and Hyaluronic Acid! It makes your skin look more youthful and refreshed! Please check it out and treat yourself to some Spicule care 🪡