Shopping For Cleansers By Skin Type

The market is flooded with skin cleansers, which is a blessing and a curse. Too often, it can feel like you’re lost in a sea of products.Can cleansers that are mass produced have effective results for your specific needs? Luckily, finding the right cleanser is easier than it sounds.

Start by analyzing your skin and determine your most pressing issues. From there, all you have to is shop by skin type and keep a few things in mind.

Dry Skin

People with dry skin often feel a general tightness on their epidermal surface, especially after taking a shower. The waterleft on the skin after washing disappears quickly, even if you don’t wipe it off. Not to mention all the flakes!

The best cleansers for dry skin remove dirt and sweat without robbing the skin of its moisture. Skin tightness can be a sign that your current cleanser has too many artificial surfactants. Try to focus on finding a face wash that hydrates your skin, especially if it has moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin or essential oils. Also, consider replacing soap with a foam or oil-based cleanser.

Try iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil or Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil. Both products moisturize your skin while removing impurities.

Cleansing Oil

Oily Skin

Oily skin is often more noticeable than dry skin and results in large, easily visible pores. Sometimes, your skin can get oily even after cleaning!

Try looking for a foam cleanser or even a soap bar. Find one that will exfoliate dead skin cells and lead to reductions in sebum secretion. Remember, strong ingredients will remove dirt and makeup, but they can also irritate skin, so be careful. If possible, find one that will remove dirt and oil without causing aggravation to the skin. Products with charcoal work particularly well, as they gently clean the pores without causing irritation.

There are several products on the market that can clean skin without stripping it of moisture, such as iUNIK Centlla Bubble Cleansing Foam and ACWELL Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser.

Combined Skin Issues

You can sometimes feel dry in certain places and oily in others. Usually, you’ll notice more oil buildup around your T-zone and chin than in other areas. For combined skin issues, it can often be difficult to find a cleanser that addresses all of your problems.

Gel or foam products are recommended for people with combined skin problems. The key is to find one that eliminates excess sebum without leaving your face dry or oily. Avoid any cleanser that has ingredients known to clog pores, such as petroleum-based products. Your ideal cleanser will clean pores while tightening them.

Products that help tackle multiple skin concerns include Klavuu Pure Pearlsation Marine Collagen Micro Cleansing Water and LEEGEEHAAM LIFE ENZYME WASH.

Acne/Sensitive Skin

Chronic acne and skin sensitivity is debilitating to your self-esteem and social life. Unfortunately, everything seems to trigger it.

Be on the lookout for products with mild concentrations. Avoid any cleansers that contain oils which may clog pores. This can lead to skin irritation and increased sebum secretion. Organic ingredients, such as green tea, work best. Just make sure they are effective in removing dead skin cells and, if possible, try to find one that helps balance PH levels.

NEOGEN REAL CICA MICELLAR CLEANSING FOAM and Hddn Lab Magnetic Cleanser are two effective treatment products that clear acne and calm sensitive skin.