Baby Got B’acne?

Blackheads and pimples can occur anywhere on your body - because of course, your skin is there everywhere. Your back, chest, neck, shoulders, arms, and even your butt can get pimples. Back and body acne are completely normal - and can happen to anyone irrespective of age!

All body parts which have oil-secreting glands or hair follicles have the possibility of getting pores clogged up, excess sebum secretion, unchecked accumulation of dead skin cells, etc - all of which lead to you having acne.

Body acne can be caused by lifestyle choices, body hygiene issues, and other things including

  • Age
  • Dietary Habits
  • Weight
  • Stress levels
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Drug and Alcohol consumption
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Menstrual cycle regularity

But majorly, the same factors that trigger your facial acne leads to body acne - overactive oil glands, excess dead skins, and acne-causing bacteria.

  1. Oil and dead skins get trapped in a pore and create a blockage
  2. The blockage wither becomes a
    1. Blackhead
    2. Pimple (if bacterias invade)

What are the different types of Acne?

Whiteheads - When a clogged follicle remains closed and forms a white bump. It looks like a tiny white head when you look from above.

Blackheads - When a clogged follicle opens up on your skin, it becomes exposed to the air. The blacktip appearance is due to a reaction between the sebum and the air.

Papules are acne lesions that are formed when a clogged follicle gets inflamed! These however don't contain any puss. They are small pink bumps that are tender to the touch.

Pustules are pimples. They are pus-filled papules that have a reddened base. A build-up of white blood cells causes it to fill up with pus.

Nodules are acne when bacteria also get trapped inside your clogged follicle. It is more painful because it develops way below the surface of the skin!

Cysts are larger pus-filled acne where the infection extends way deeper into the skin. This results in a painful lump that might even end up as a permanent scar

The skin on our bodies is thicker, and you might find the pimples there to be more stubborn. And sometimes, they are indicative of other underlying problems. But before you worry and wonder why you are breaking out in certain regions, look at solving your problems with some easy steps. This will help you know if the issue is something small or something bigger.

Are you wearing tight clothing, sporting equipment, or other gear that, when they rub against your skin along with the heat of the environment and your sweat, irritates and inflames your skin? This can cause body acne!

  • Wearing
    • Tight-fitting clothing
    • Too snug collars
    • Heavy backpacks
    • Purse straps
    • Athletic pads or gear
  • Not showering after exercise
  • Wearing dirty clothes that harbor sweat, oil, and dirt (that further irritate the skin and help increase your acne) every day.

How to find solutions for your acne?

We suggest that you

  • Regularly wash your skin- and remember to shower after a workout! We recommend the Offon Keep Calm and Cool On Body Wash to keep your body clean and refreshed. It is especially great with acne-prone skin as it immediately cools down the body with its Peppermint formulation. It is great at moisturizing your skin and keeping you feeling and looking soothed!

  • Don't squeeze or pick at your pimples!
  • Do your laundry more often. Clean your
    • Pillowcases
    • Bedsheets
    • Caps and hats
    • Sportswear
  • Keep your skin fresh, and clean! Shower regularly, especially if you are wearing heavy products or have been sweating a lot. Spritz yourself with the Offon Body Mist to cool your body and reduce its stresses! It contains the Green Forest complex that brings down the temperature of your body while nourishing it and soothing it. Plus, it leaves you smelling fresh!

Moisturize and maintain a good oil-water balance Your skin’s good oil-water balance keeps it protected from bacteria and other bad microorganisms. You need a moisturizer that keeps your body protected and your skin cells filled up with moisture. That's why we recommend the Offon Keep Calm and Moisture Body Lotion! It gives your skin Keratin care, cooling care, and moisture care all at once.


While we know that it is easier to find clothes that cover your body and hide those body acne, it does not mean that you have to live with them. And pssst. Keep an eye out here to get a look at everything you need to know about our new body-acne preventing warriors- The Offon Range. We are going to give you an exclusive look at it in our next blog!

A proper skincare routine and care from your part will ensure that the acne stays far away. And your skin will be clean and healthy!