Tasha & JuliOly

My hair can be a wild mess sometimes 🦁 so can you feel my excitement when I got to know about this product !!

JuliOly Silk Keratin is my flash hair treatment during busy work schedules! It works wonders in just 3~7 seconds, taking care of my scalp, roots, and hair while giving me a steaming effect ♨️

Enjoy frizz-free, bouncy, smooth, and shiny hair with a refreshing mango scent every time you shower 🚿🥭 "

Gorgeous Tasha smitten by our JuliOly 💛

7‑second complete hair care ⚡️
Rebuild the damage, add shine, and eliminate frizz with JuliOly Silk Keratin Treatment in under 7 seconds, so your hair becomes more beautiful and easier to manage ✨
This silicone‑free, paraben‑free, harsh chemical‑free liquid ampoule to cream formulation turning flash mango treatment also helps prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth while balancing your scalp health 💆🏻‍♀️
Grab your JuliOly today and avail a FREE JuliOly Brush for easy (blow) drying and hairstyling! Every day to follow will be a good hair day, CocoFam 🙌🏼 Cart out at www.cocomo.sg ✨
JuliOly — feel the transformation!
Pour. Apply. Rinse. Shine 🤩