What Are Basic Skincare Steps Really All About?

In the last years, skincare routines started to evolve. As a result, now we know that some steps can help to solve and prevent many issues. Currently, you can find some of the most sophisticated routines to apply at home. They can do miracles for our complexions and give them radiance and shine.

But sometimes the proliferation of products, the publicity, and the announcement of many types of skincare routines can lead us to confusion. Due to that, we might think that we need all those products and routines to get some improvement.

However, by just sticking to the basics it is possible to start getting amazing results. Besides, they prepare our skin to receive deeper treatments you might choose in the future. So then, what are these basic skincare steps really all about? Above all, they consist of

 3 essentials steps as follows:

Always clean:

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Although the soap strategy is old, grandmothers did it right by keeping their skin always clean. It proves how important and effective cleansing is. That is because, during the day, the skin collects impurities.

Hence, pores might get clogged if they do not find a way to expel and process them. In addition, your skin also produces natural sebum and it needs to be expelled too. By keeping your skin clean you allow it to keep its natural balance between what it receives and what it expels.

However, for many years there was only one soap to fit all needs. Lucky for us, now we can find cleansing products according to the type of skin, lifestyle, specific concerns, and more. In this sense, Korean beauty products stand out due to their variety.

They focus much of their attention on natural ingredients and edgy technologies to create cleansers that simultaneously provide deep treatments.  For instance, Serendi Beauty Bubbletox Cleanser provides a deep cleansing formula with natural elements. Also, it offers an innovative technology based on bubbles that hydrate and rejuvenates.

On the other hand, Neogen Dermalogy Real CicaMicellar Cleansing Water is a very gentle water formula for sensitive skins. And, if you still prefer the traditional soap, you can try Some By Me Miracle Soap Bar which is made of Tee Tree and organic oils instead of the traditional synthetic oils.


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Most of the early aging signs are provoked by the lack of proper hydration. When the skin doesn´t receive the nutrients and water it needs, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles start to show up. The lack of hydration may come from overexposure to the sun, not drinking enough water, and the heat, just to name a few. And all of us are exposed to such conditions.

If you keep your skin clean enough to allow your pores to absorb the nutrients and drink enough water, you already have part of the solution. Also, adding a hydration/moisturizing formula is essential. Nowadays, all types of skins have formulas that go well with their conditions.

Also, moisturizing formulas may add other ingredients that stimulate healing or improve many issues. One example is the Kate Sommerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift +Retinol which helps to improve the pigmentation, removes dead skin cells, and promotes firmer skin. Another example is Sioris Stay with Me Day Cream which uses hyaluronic acid to guarantee long-lasting effects and improve the texture of the skin. What is better about this step is that you can find different types of products such as serums, sheet masks, gels, pads, and so on. You just have to find what makes you feel better and decide how deep you want to hydrate your skin.

Due to the changes in the ozone layer, now we are more exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. Such harms may include dryness, redness, blemishes, pigmentation or early wrinkles, among others. This is why applying sunblock on a daily basis is essential. Fortunately, cosmetic firms have developed many options that include different dispensers, levels of protection, textures, and more.

For a full day of protection, use at least 50 SPF. Also, check the texture of it to match to your type of skin. They come in creams, gels, and sprays. If you have doubts, Z-Sole Dual Sunblock offers lotion and spray applicator in the same bottle! But, whatever you choose, get protected from the sun rays!

In short, it is always a good time to start taking care of your skin. Certainly, there are many options, products, and routines to do it. But by cleansing, hydrating, and protecting from the sun you obtain the most important of it.