What is it?

This is one of the oldest known medicine - its usage dating back to the age of the Pharaohs! Myrrh is a sap-like material that comes from the bark of the trees belonging to the Commiphora species. It is usually used to make medicine! It is used as a flavoring component in food and beverages. In certain places, it is used as a fragrance and incense! It is also used medicinally to cure indigestion, ulcers, cold, cough, asthma, lung congestion, spasms, and arthritis pain. It helps decrease swelling and kills the bacteria causing that!

How does it help in skincare?

When used topically on the skin, Myrrh Oil aids with the fading of unwanted blemishes on the skin soothes itching and other irritation! It also helps with cleansing the skin - by helping remove all unwanted dust and impurities that have settled on your skin during your daily routine. It also moisturizes your skin and supports your skin in strengthening its barrier. This ensures that your skin retains its moisture and remains hydrated for longer periods of time! Moreover, it tightens your skin - thereby reducing any sagging, fine lines, or wrinkles! Its strong oxidating properties help increase the body’s production of elastin and collagen - causing your skin to naturally fight the signs of aging.

Myrrh Oil also helps with haircare! It’s astringency strengthens your roots, and reduces any hair loss that you are experiencing. It leaves you with stronger and more shiny hair. Furthermore, if you are experiencing dry scalp, hair or any dandruff, Myrrh Oil arrests the underlying issue causing it! It hydrates your hair from deep within.

Additionally, Myrrh Oil is highly valued in the field of aromatherapy because of the ability of its fragrance to soothe and calm you down. It makes you feel genuinely relaxed and promotes a healthy mindset! Its scent is known to stimulate your brain, and allows you to remain alert and calm even during high-stress situations.

Can you use it on your face?

This is a natural solution for your skin, ensuring that irrespective of any skin type, you can enjoy the benefits of the Spicules. However, there is a possibility that you might feel a tingling sensation for the first two days that you use it on your skin. But over time, your skin gets used to them.

Sponge spicules tend to stay on your skin for 48-72 hours. After that they fall off along with the stratum corneum skin cells.

What all skin concerns does it rectify?

  • Signs of Aging
  • Dull and tired skin
  • Loss of elasticity of skin
  • Loss of firmness of skin
  • Sagging of skin
  • Breakouts - Acne, Whiteheads and Blackheads
  • Dry skin
  • Acne wounds
  • Low cell turnover

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