A Secret of Flawless Skin

With immense conviction to care for people and their treasured skin, NEOGEN Skincare has travelled long distances to bring about skin savior products, curated for every skin type.

You deserve exceptional ingredients and NEOGEN DERMALOGY completely understands it, from imperial white truffles, black caviars to glacier waters, NEOGEN has put together remarkable products with advanced sophistication.

Your irrevocable retreat of the K-Beauty skincare, NEOGEN DERMALOGY is a divine skin caretaker.

A few highlights of NEOGEN DERMALOGY are in order.

Glacial Magic Pore Gel


Why it works best?

Break-free from all the patchy skin, enlarged pores and say hello to a new beginning, Glacial Magic Pore Gel exceeds its promises. It overflows with heavenly Glacial Water, bursting with minerals, antioxidants and least found elements to plush hydration profoundly. Not to forget, it boosts up collagen production, leaving your skin firmer and wrinkle-free. To kick off uneven skin tone, oversized open pores and revitalize energy within your skin, Aloe Leaf takes

the lead in Glacial Magic Pore Gel.

What are you waiting for? Move ahead for a new flawless you.

White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop


Why it works best?

A go-getter for attaining a flawless skin, White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop is simply hard to resist. It is a hybrid between oil and serum with feather light concentration that treats your skin like royalty with loaded amounts of White Truffle Extract. Apparently, it is a safe harbor of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that instantly help you achieve baby bouncy soft and fuller skin. This extract is incomparable in adding luscious luster to your boring skin, with patchy dual skin tone gone forever. This non sticky formula is a deal breaker for flaky and deprived skin as it outbursts with the magical powers of Macadamia and Avocado Oils to win you all over.

Wear your healthy-looking and radiant skin, where ever you go!

Rice Peel & Activator Sake/Milk Peel & Activator Balsamic Vinegar

Why it works best?

A two-step method for all the lazy people out there, Rice Peel & Activator Sake/Milk Peel & Activator Balsamic Vinegar serves you right. Exfoliation is never enough with so much dust and debris floating around, in order to be more than certain take refuge in this innovative product with astounding ingredients.

  1. Rice is not only a staple food but has tremendous perks for your skin too, accompanied with Sake Extract. They join hands in pulling out all the grime residing inside your pores for a refreshed start, without any hint of harmful chemicals, a superb gift of Korean beauty regime. In fact, they feed up hydration and nutrients directly onto your skin, all you get is a super sparkling radiance.

2. The second kit contains Milk peel, abounding with Lactic Acid to gently dissolve all the dead skin cells with a brighter complexion that even put Snow White put to awkwardness. Meanwhile, the Balsamic Vinegar forms a strong skin barrier against trespassers.

Real Flower Calendula Cleansing Water/ Rose Cleansing Water

Why it works best?

Korean skincare is authentic completely with captivating energy of Calendula and Rose Flowers extracts. These blossoming havens are absolute in removing sun tans and adding moisture to the deepest layers, apart from carrying anti-inflammatory and healing properties to excel your beauty game. Real Flower Calendula Cleansing Water/ Rose Cleansing Water are a sold-out!

NEOGEN DERMALOGY Cleansing Water fills up your skin with moisture, purification and luster. What else is left!

Korean skincare’s crown, NEOGEN DERMALOGY gives everything else a run for their money. An inevitably choice due to its abundance of love for your skin!