Serendi Products Review

Due that I have acne-prone skin it is hard for me to apply and remove makeup every day. Besides, my pores seem to be always too big and its appearance along with natural oils, difficult that the makeup looks neat and even. That is why I don´t hesitate to try a new product when it says it may help to reduce the effects of sensitive skin. This time, I am excited to try the new Korean night skincare routine of Serendy Beauty which is aimed to reduce pores. Here is what I found:


serendi cleanser

 Cleansing your face is the beginning of any skincare routine. In this case, Serendi Beauty Bubbletox Cleanser offers more than just cleansing, so I considered totally worthy to try it. When applying it, I rapidly realized the texture of the product was very light and pleasant. Due to that, it was easy to apply. When I started to distribute it, the bubbles started to show rapidly to the point I was still distributing the product when they began appearing.

The refreshing effect immediately came up along with some tickles. After I removed it, my pores seemed to be diminished with just one application. The makeup was fully removed and it wasn´t necessary to make extra efforts besides the gentle massages when applying it and rinsing it to remove it.  I could easily say that this cleanser could be part of the routine of the Best Korean skincare for oily skin.



  • It is truly very refreshing and easy to apply


  • Tickles might be a little annoying if you don´t like them


Image result for serendi cloud moisture facial toner

Again, Serendi offers a product with dual action. In this case, Serendi Cloud Moisture Facial Toner promised to tone and moisturize my skin. Although there are 4 ways to apply the product, I took the traditional path by taking some cotton and embedding it with the toner. Then I applied it to my face. I was glad to notice that it was really fragrance-free and the little acne scars of my skin didn´t feel any impact.

After the toner dried up, I noticed a little shine in my skin which definitively came from the product. Also, I could feel my fingers going softly through my face and the little fine lines around my mouth looked softer. The hydrating power of the toner was obvious and my whole face was very relaxed. I could say that the other ways to apply it that include leaving it on the face for a longer time might increase the moisture.


  • There are 3 more ways to apply, pump accessory, bubble dispenser, and cotton pads, all of which require more time of exposure and increase the hydration.


  • To reach the maximum level of hydration with the product it requires several layers of an application.



As my face was fully cleansed and toned, it was the perfect moment to try the Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack. Just opening the package was a great experience because it is nicely packaged. I just applied the product contained in one syringe. Due that it is a gel, it is very easy to distribute it through my face. Then, I put the sheet mask on and a few minutes later I started to feel some tickles and bubbles so I realized I was in the middle of the “Bohr Effect” reaction.

I took it away 20 minutes later and was able to see that my skin color looked lighter and the texture of all parts of my complexion was totally even. My pores weren´t noticeable and the appearance of my little acne scars and pimples were very softened.


  • It is very easy to apply and the final result is stunning as pores get dramatically diminished.


  • The sheet mask doesn´t cover the neck area.


Image result for Serendi Beauty Reviving Centella Ampoule.

To complete this routine, I applied some drops of Serendi Beauty Reviving Centella Ampoule. It was great to have this because my skin was fully clean and refreshed with previous steps. T this point, it was ideal to receive ampoules or serums that penetrate deep into the skin. As I have some acne, I used 4 drops and it was enough to cover all the areas and focus more product on the more troubled areas. I was glad to see how it was rapidly absorbed and didn´t leave any trace of its application. It was not greasy or oily and my skin kept the moisturized effect I had reached with the sheet mask.


  • It only requires a little amount of product to cover the whole face


  • It takes about 5 of continuous use to address specific concerns such as acne.

After trying this line of Serendy Beauty products I can say I found them very refreshing and effective to diminish pores. Although it was just a first-time use, I am optimistic about the results because they were stunning this time. What I like the most was how gentle all the products were when I applied them and didn´t cause any secondary damage to my skin.