Face-to-Tpe Oil-Free Hydration with Donkey Milk Cream!

Finish Your Daily Skincare Routine with Our Revolutionary Cream

Welcome to the world of Blanc Dubu Nuborn Cell Donkey Milk Collagen Cream—a skincare revelation that transcends the ordinary, bringing you a transformative experience like no other.



Harnessing the Rich Nutrition of Donkey Milk

At the heart of our innovative formula lies the power of nature's bounty—donkey milk, a precious moisturizing ingredient with a composition akin to human breast milk. With an impressive 100,000ppm of nourishing donkey milk, this cream replaces purified water, ensuring an overflow of nutrition and moisture that goes beyond the surface, providing a deep and lasting hydration.


Dual-Action Brilliance - Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement in One

Blanc Dubu Nuborn Cell Donkey Milk Collagen Cream is not just a skincare product; it's a dual-action powerhouse. Boasting a remarkable 420,000ppm of hydrolyzed low-molecular collagen extract, our cream is designed to not only brighten your skin but also enhance its elasticity. Our upgraded formulation guarantees visible results, with clinical tests showing a 106.21% increase in deep skin moisture and a 106.98% improvement in elastic quality in just two weeks.


Hydrolyzed Collagen for Deeper Penetration

Our commitment to innovation is evident in every jar of our cream. Hydrolyzed collagen, with small molecular particles sourced from the ocean, penetrates deeply into the skin. This provides unparalleled hydration, vitality, and fortification of the skin barrier, ensuring a luxurious and lasting moisturizing film that leaves your skin with a highly concentrated smoothing moisture.


A Symphony of Ingredients - 5 Probiotics Complex for Radiant Skin

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the inclusion of a 5 Probiotics Complex, featuring ingredients like Lactococcus fermentation lysate, Lactobacillus fermentation lysate, yeast fermentation filtrate, Bifida fermentation lysate, and Bifida fermentation filtrate. This complex not only contributes to radiant and balanced skin but also revitalizes it, ensuring a holistic approach to skincare.


Visible Results, Effortless Convenience Clinical Tests and User-Friendly Packaging

Clinical tests speak volumes about the efficacy of Blanc Dubu Nuborn Cell Donkey Milk Collagen Cream. But we don't stop at results—we also prioritize your convenience. The one-touch lid ensures effortless use, eliminating concerns about misplacing the lid and streamlining the opening and closing process.


One Cream for all Generations!

It is a cream that is and suitable to be used by all generations, from children to grandparents, from pregnant to lactating women, from highly sensitive to even acne-prone skin types.



Beyond Skincare: A Rejuvenating Sleep Pack Continuous Care for Time-Deprived Lifestyles

Our versatile cream doesn't just stop at daily use—it doubles as a rejuvenating sleeping pack, offering continuous care for those leading busy lifestyles. Experience the luxury of waking up to radiant and revitalized skin, courtesy of Blanc Dubu Nuborn Cell Donkey Milk Collagen Cream.

Blanc Dubu Nuborn Cell Donkey Milk Collagen Cream is not just a product; it's a celebration of the beauty within you. Experience the extraordinary today!