Tirtir Off the Sun Complete UV Care Duo

The whipped cream sunscreen that stole CocoFam’s hearts is NOW in the form of a creamy light tone-up sun cushion?!

Let us hear the story behind the no whitecast - no stickiness Air Mousse which was followed after the already popular Off The Sun Ice Cushion:

Hi, I’m Lee Yubin, Founder of Tirtir! Time and again Tirtir’s main motto is to bring out the radiant you ✨

That was behind the formulation reason of this UV protection Airy Mousse too! Everyone I know of frets to apply sunscreens and protect all their exposed areas. Even if they apply to their faces, areas like hands and feet are often ignored 🚫

When asked, mostly the reason was the sensation the sunscreens create. All sticky and heavy, transferring onto clothes, giving whitecast, and even irritating on the skin. Hot and humid climates especially made people detest sunscreens 🥵

I wanted to bring a product that’s equally loved by active outdoorsy people and skincare enthusiasts alike… this gave birth to the ‘Off The Sun Air Mousse’ ☁️

The Ice Cushion was already a huge hit among parents who wanted a wholesome sunscreen for the entire family and yet give a simple ‘made up’ look. Natural pink calamine added to the cushion’s formula gives a natural-looking tone-up to all skin types & tones.

Best part is the addition of hyaluronic acid, cypress, and moringa extracts that burst into hydration, cooling, and soothing feeling on the skin! Both Air Mousse & Ice Cushion are proven to lower the skin temperature making them refreshing picks even on a very sunny, sweaty day ☀️

You’ll love them too! Please try them once, and you’ll come back for more 😇💙

Healthy glowing skin under the clear sun ☀️ Experience Off The Sun Air Mousse Sunscreen with *100% Satisfaction

  • 100% freshness
  • 100% cooling sensation
  • 100% soothing
  • Zero stickiness! Zero transfer!
  • Activity-proof, Sweat-proof, Mask-proof, Friction-proof (suitable for daily activities)
  • Proven 12hrs long-lasting UV barrier
  • Complete UV protection with SPF 50+ PA++++
  • Whipped cream lightweight bubble texture
  • Spreads easily without gaps, washes off in a single wash
  • Strong UV protection that gently penetrates the skin, leaving only softness and comfort
  • 2% 0-Cooling Complex for cooling skin after application up to -4.8 deg Celsius|
  • 8% Airy Sebum Complex for controlling excessive sebum
  • Poremat ingredient for deep pore care
  • Subtle refreshing fragrance

Brilliant radiance in the skin with a natural tone-up effect Nano Inorganic Tirtir Off The Sun Ice Cushion ❄️

  • Offers Double UV Protection (UVB, UVA) with SPF 50+ PA++++ formula
  • Mild and safe for all skin types including kids
  • Proven Ice Cooling effect on the skin
  • Natural tone-up for all skin tones & types
  • Hydration care with 8 hyaluronic acid and aqua room
  • Double-soothing care with extracts of cypress leaf and Moringa (drumstick)
  • 7.2cm wide puff for easy & wide coverage
  • Water drop shaped for reaching places like nose bridges, eye edges, etc.
  • In-built mirror for on-the-go touch-ups
  • Fragrance-free, mild cooling scent of cypress leaf

☁️ Whipped cream textured 12hr long-lasting non-sticky double shield protection for your body (AIR MOUSSE)

✨Refreshing lightweight creamy pink essence formula offering natural tone up along with a cooling effect and double shield protection for your face & neck (ICE CUSHION)

That’s our verdict, CocoFam 🙌🏼 Do you agree too? Let us not forget about them double-bubble glow masks!

💜 Collagen Core Water Luminous Mask for boosting moisture and elasticity. Completed 31 human application tests.

💛 Brightening care & gentle peeling with VC Glow Toning Mask. Completed 39 human application tests.

1⃣A comfortable feeling that penetrates smoothly
2⃣Excellent application without gaps
3⃣No need to wash it off, apply, and massage to absorb! Highly convenient

💙 Along with the now-new Off The Sun Air Mousse for pore/sebum care and complete UV protection. Completed 21 human application tests.

💜💛💙 Glow big with Tirtir 💙💛💜