Bring Warmth and Happy Skin this Christmas- Big Cheers to Life

Ho, ho, ho …it’s that time of the year. Exchange of gifts, celebrations and lots of get together. A wonderful time to rejoice tiny pleasures, holidays ignites new spike in people’s life. But there is a little twist. Christmas arrives in winter. Cold, white and extremely dry, this is what the people in northern parts of the world know it. Skin feels chapped, itchy and rough, a havoc wreck!

Plan ahead and start preparing now. Making the whole process effortless and easy, we have the perfect bunch of Korean skincare essentials for a glowing and happy skin that sweeps everyone off.

Finally it is time to embrace your traditions. Bow down to K-beauty skin routine, dating back to several centuries, a unique union of native secrets and technological advancements. Explore your best options, just a scroll away!

Moisture & More Moisture

Simply your skin cannot survive without it. Drench with hydration boosting products, highly recommended for frigid temperatures.

What to love in it?If beautiful skin is what you want for this Christmas, then this K-beauty gem is the best pick for deep penetrating moisture. A velvety cream, boasts Honey to naturally nourish skin, with ultra calming effects. Ceramide mends damaged skin, leaving it plump and firmer. It clears away clogged pores, revealing a glowing tint.

  • THE PLANT BASE Waterfall Moist Balanced HyaluronicImage result for THE PLANT BASE Waterfall Moist Balanced Hyaluronic Acid 100

What to love in it? A power burst of intense hydration and protection, this facial ampoule is infused with 100 percent Sodium Hyaluronate. Its smaller sized molecule seeps down in a flash, adding plenty of bounce to your skin. Revered for protecting against free radicals, you can take a sigh of relief from sun damage also.

What to love in it?Joy to the world and love for your aging skin, MAYTOLO Peptible Solutox helps to kick off wrinkles and dryness in one go. It is blessed with Volufiline to instantly firm up sagging skin, while putting collagen production into an accelerating gear. Now, there is no need of Botox fillers, as this formula flaunts magical duo peptides for further uplifting.

White and crispy, sparkling lights everywhere. Fall in love with yourself and your skin all over again that will lasts for a lifetime, we have all covered.

Sweet Indulgence of Masks

After working hard for the whole year, you can now pamper your skin with sheer delicate pleasures of authentic Korean skincare step, skin masks. Night or day, you don’t want to miss out on the following.

What to love in it?To make all your wishes come true, Santa Claus has packed a special package for you, COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask. Infused with Propolis and Honey from the natural settings, it supplies tons of moisture and nourishment to combat any challenge. From age spots, scars, acne to dull and patchy skin, nothing stands in the way of this miraculous luscious formula.

What to love in it?Cold months give you the consent to soakyour skin into the natural goodness of COSRX One Step Moisture Kit. Not only it deeply clarifies your face from the entire gunk, but packs it up with long lasting hydration, thanks to Propolis and Hyaluronic Acid. It combines a mask made heavenly by Snail secretion to renovate your skin for a sparkling glow.

Sun Care is Invincible

Less sunny days does not imply that you can ditch your sunscreen, sun protection must always be your top priority, whatever the season might be.

What to love in it?A light weight refreshing sun protection that is sucked by skin in a snap, this sunscreen hydrates with absolute shield. Infused with the godsend ingredient, Aloe, it treats and appeases agitated skin like a magical wand.

Welcome your new life and New Year with fresh and renewed skin. Let’s celebrate your blissful journey. Merry Christmas!