Blanc Dubu's Nuborn Cell Makeup Essentials!


Introducing Blanc Dubu Co., Ltd., a company that has been revolutionizing the world of skincare and cosmetics since its inception in 2018. Blanc Dubu takes pride in its premium Korean skincare and cosmetics brand, Nuborn Cell, which boasts a lineup of innovative products formulated with cutting-edge skincare ingredients.



What sets Blanc Dubu apart is its commitment to ensuring the efficacy of their cosmetics through rigorous independent human clinical testing, a testament to their dedication to quality. Every Nuborn product is officially registered as a functional cosmetic with the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, reflecting the brand's commitment to safety and excellence. With a loyal client base firmly established in South Korea, Blanc Dubu is now setting its sights on the global market.

Today, we are excited to introduce four exceptional makeup items from Nuborn Cell Line, including the Radiant Ampoule Cushion Foundation, Vibration Foundation Device, Toxom Lip Plumpers, and Absolute Makeup Fixer. These products make it a breeze to maintain your makeup routine, ensuring a flawless look that lasts throughout the day!

BLANC DUBU Nuborn Cell Radiant Ampoule Cushion Foundation

It is a true beauty innovation that combines the benefits of an ampoule, sun cream, and foundation in one remarkable product.

This multitasking wonder incorporates 23 of the same luxurious ingredients found in Blanc Dubu's bestselling Blanc Power Ampoule, offering your skin a nourishing, hydrating, and protective blend that's second to none. With ingredients like milk protein extract and peptides for moisture, niacinamide for skin tone brightening, and adenosine for wrinkle reduction, this foundation goes beyond the ordinary to provide a full skincare experience. It doesn't stop there, as it also shields your skin from harmful UV rays with a SPF 50+ PA++++.


Available in two stunning shades, #21 Rosy Ivory and #23 Vanilla Beige, the Radiant Ampoule Cushion Foundation promises to deliver a natural, luminous finish that lasts. Create a flawless canvas for your beauty routine & truly shine with this cushion on!

BLANC DUBU Vibration Foundation Device

Here’s an absolute game-changer in your beauty arsenal. This sleek, innovative gadget offers a host of benefits, from enhanced adhesion to a radiant skin expression and flawless coverage. But what truly sets it apart is the hygienic and mess-free operation — say goodbye to foundation-covered hands!



With its unique madeleine shape and user-friendly controls, it's the epitome of beauty tech elegance. Plus, the replaceable puff and easy USB charging make it the ultimate companion for your daily makeup routine. Choose from 3 vibration strength levels, and let this device transform your foundation application into a professional-grade experience. Say hello to a more radiant you effortlessly!




BLANC DUBU Nuborn Cell Toxom Lip Plumpers

Get kissable lips all-day everyday with Blanc Dubu's Nuborn Cell Toxom Lip Plumper, a lip-enhancing marvel available in two fantastic shades: Maximum Original (transparent) and Plumper Pink.



These lip plumpers work their magic through the incredible power of natural ingredients, the key one being salsa saponin extracted from the Zimo plant's roots. Not only does it provide deep moisture and nutrition for irresistibly hydrated lips, but the nourishing oils also add a luxuriously thick volume, leaving your lips soft and full.




The transparent shade brings a refreshing menthol scent for that extra dimension, while the Plumper Pink offers a sweet strawberry scent for lively, brightly colored lips. Get ready to flaunt a glossy, glass-like finish, with the added allure of a slightly changing pink tint when exposed to different lighting - a natural phenomenon that only adds to its charm. Elevate your pout with Blanc Dubu's lip plumpers and let your lips speak volumes!

BLANC DUBU Nuborn Cell Absolute Makeup Fixer

This innovative makeup setting fixer doesn't just promise longevity; it delivers it with unwavering commitment. Say goodbye to makeup worries like smudging or fading, as this fixer ensures your makeup clings to your skin with remarkable adherence.

Not only does it keep your look in place, but it also offers a refreshing and weightless experience, thanks to its unique Blowing power without clumping feature. Spritz on the subtle, luxurious powder-scented mist, and you're ready to flaunt a radiant, flawless look all day long. Trust in the integrity of your makeup with BLANC DUBU's Absolute Makeup Fixer, the secret to makeup that stays vibrant from morning to night.

In conclusion, Blanc Dubu has redefined the beauty landscape with its Nuborn Cell makeup essentials, offering a perfect blend of skincare and cosmetics. With a commitment to quality, independent testing, and a vision for global beauty, Blanc Dubu invites you to elevate your skincare and cosmetics game to unprecedented heights. Embrace the radiance within and make your makeup shine, ensuring your flawless mask proof look lasts from dawn to dusk!