How This Routine Brought Back My Youthful Twenties Glow- At Forty!

Growing old is scary. The anxiety, wrinkles, menopause involved. Being called grandma! Fun and games aside, it can go from joking to terrifying in a heartbeat. We don’t want to look like our old aunts and relatives. I believe if we feel youthful, it should show on the outside too. I will show you how Korean Skincare routine brought back my youthful shimmer, being a forty two year old mom of two teenagers. Strangers mistake me for a young adult all the time, and when anyone sees my ID, they do a double take. I feel like a new person, all at a low, low cost. And believe me, it’s a very small price to pay for the Korean Skincare fountain of youth. I tackled three categories of products.

1. Toner

After a long day of taking care of my kids, the house, making dinner, my skin looks like it took the toil. It’s oily, unmanageable, my wrinkles look magnified, and it is puffy all over. Not a good sight. This is where my savior Klavuu BLUE PEARLSATION One day 8cups Marine Collagen Aqua Toner comes in.

After a light face wash, I apply this toner. It has a marine complex, with Niacinamide, the vitamin B3, and Adenosine, all working hard at making my skin look brighter, less wrinkled, and more youthful after literally just one wash. I was shocked. I could see my skin was on a journey of reclaiming its former glory. With this one buy, I was absolutely sold! I use it after every wash, and have seen a marked difference in just two weeks.

2. Cream

Right after the toner, I pop on darling d’Alba White Truffle Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Believe me, my skin is reborn. I just apply it right before I sleep and wake up with almost airbrushed looking skin. It is velvety, soft, and zero grease. It gives me the kind of confidence and self-esteem boost I need to start my day. This is thanks to the White Truffle in the cream. A luxurious ingredient, hydrates to the very innards of your skin, and helps reduce acne scars that have been stubbornly staying on your skin for years. A big wah to d’Alba !

3. Serum

The last step in my simple anti-aging regime is serum. Now this is not ordinary serum. It is IUNIK Black snail restore serum. Let me tell you a bit about this beauty first. This serum seems into the very core of your skin, without any oily residue. It has zero preservatives or chemicals, and replenishes the collagen in the skin.

The black snail secretion is the main product in reducing aging, by many years even. I vouch to all of this with personal experience! This serum has genuinely been a transformative journey. Only a drop when I wake up, before my makeup routine makes it the perfect primer, post-moisturizer and with so much anti-aging benefits. Only a drop of this product is enough to keep the effects working, which makes it extremely economical for its price range. I have seen a reduction on dry spots on my dry and sensitive skin, my wrinkles have gone down to half their amount, and my skin feels well hydrated and dewy almost all the time. All my friends praise me for my youthful looking skin, and all I can do is blush and name this product.

See girls! That wasn’t so difficult. Three pocket friendly products that won’t break the bank, and bring your twenties back. It really does feel like Korean skincare regime is the official fountain of youth. Let me know what you lovely girls thought in the comments!