Cloudless Skin- The Hottest New Korean Beauty Trend And How You Can Achieve It Today

Cloudless skin? Huh, you may think what is this new trend? Well, it is taken the south Korean world by storm and now its spreading over the globe.

Let’s put it this way; cloudless skin means perfect skin. Skin without pigmentation, dark spots, acne, scars or even the mildest imperfection. It is the sort of skin you see in glossy magazines or the latest fashion billboards. Hmm, you might think it is an unachievable look for people who don’t have hours to spend on their beauty and skincare routine. I am here to tell you that it is possible. There are hacks to getting that cloudless, airbrushed skin, and I will show you how. In 24 hours or less, you can achieve that youthful, dewy look, without having to break THE bank for it. All with two simple products by yours truly, I promise you; I wasn’t a believer until I tried Kate Somerville Eradikate Blemish Treatment and Shangpree Crystal BB Cream. They are now tucked carefully into my makeup bag; I can’t go a day without my two new best friends.


First Things First: Skincare!

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My secret for my blemish-free and pore less skin was never about piling on beauty creams or Botox/ fillers. It was this one handy product ‘Eradikate’ I found on one day. No, you do not need to have acne to gain from the full benefits of the product, which is why it is truly mind-blowing. This treatment formula is chock full of natural ingredients, nutrients, and formulas tried and tested, worked, and reworked over the years to give you that perfect combination

If your skin is prone to acne, leave your worries at the door. This nifty bottle has sulfur, a pimple killer. It zaps away those pesky spots which happen to show up right before a big day and genuinely keeps them at bay once you start to use the formula often. I’ve been pimple free for months because of this godsend.

If you have oily skin, it’s also a treat for you. The formula is specially designed with zinc oxide to reduce the excess sebum your skin produces daily. So, you never have to worry about that shiny t-zone; Active Alpha hydroxy acids over time reduce those ghastly pores we all dread. Forget about those constant touch-ups in front of the mirror. Your skin will look as smooth and dewy throughout the day.

You may wonder how you can use the product. Well, it’s a simple three-step application. After a long day of work, when you’re about to hop into bed, apply a small amount of product on your washed face without shaking the bottle. Leave it on overnight and wash your face  in the morning. With regular use you will achieve a pore less smooth skin, a great clean slate for your makeup, and the perfect no-makeup cloudless look. Voila! 

Secondly: An Airbrushing Cream!

To fully complete your cloudless look to help you transform into the beauty that you are, is this little secret cream I’ve been using, and for which I get loads of complement on my skin every day. People assume I am wearing heavy-duty foundation because of how perfect my skin looks. It simply isn’t true! All I use is’s special Shangpree Crystal BB Cream. In conjunction with your spectacular skin that the EradiKate gives you, your makeup routine is cut in half. You don’t need expensive foundations concealers or setting powders; you can chuck it all out! All you need is this smooth, lightweight BB cream,loaded with beetroot extract, for healing, blemishes, dark circles, and celery,comfrey leaf extract for moisture, this is all you could ever need from just a BB cream. It betters your skin and perfects it and gives you that airbrushed model glow you could only dream of before. To apply, take a pea-sized amount and blend it into your skin for that perfect satin finish.

So what are you waiting for ? Your stylish cloudless skin is seconds away!

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