[SHAKE BABY] Diet Formular Protein Shake 480g 2 Flavor

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Shake Baby Earl Gray Tea perfect for those who want to replace their bubble tea craving with a healthy alternative. Packed with 3 different combinations of protein, 9 amino acids, 12 vitamins, and minerals, and 17-grain carbohydrates to provide balanced nutrition equal to one meal! While you only gain 230 kcal even with milk added! More its texture is enhanced by 100% Protein crisps from the US to make it more delicious!

Available in 480 gm

Frequency and Directions of Use:
1. Pour 180-200 ml of milk or soy milk into shaker
2. Add 2 spoonful (30 gm) of Shake Baby
3. Shake it well
4. Enjoy the drink!
5. Can consume once or twice on a daily basis
6. Can be used as a meal replacement

Shake Baby Soybean flavor has a different level of a nutty taste, and it has a traditional Injeolmi flavor (One of the most famous rice cakes in Korea). Packed with 3 different combinations of protein(10gm/serving), 9 amino acids, 12 vitamins, and minerals, and 17-grain carbohydrates to provide balanced nutrition equal to one meal! While you only gain 230 kcal even with milk added! More its texture is enhanced by 100% Protein crisps from the US to make it more delicious!

Available in 480 gm

Frequency and Directions of Use:
1. Pour 180-200 ml of milk or soy milk into shaker
2. Add 2 spoonful (30 gm) of Shake Baby
3. Shake it well
4. Enjoy the drink!
5. Can consume once or twice on a daily basis
6. Can be used as a meal replacement.

No more starving diet, just SHAKE BABY 😎 230 kcal yummy Meal Replacement Protein Shake in 2 flavors!

Shake Baby adds nutrition to your food and flavor to your life. With this motto, this brand has combined the best taste and health-giving us two amazing flavors in SEASON 2:

🍘Soybean, a savory treat with traditional Injeolmi Bun flavor!

☕Earl Gray Tea, fitting for bubble tea lovers!

What's your pick?


LOVE with SHAKE BABY Earl Gray Tea - ☀️Sunny


Hello CocoFam ♥️ ⁠ I am on cloud 9 enjoying this yummy Shake Baby Earl Gray Latte topped with Goat Milk Protein! I can make it in just 2 mins and enjoy! It keeps me energized and fit after a workout, as I have to maintain my weight and energy always! I love to be the one with high energy levels and glowing smile always! And Shake Baby + Collagen Ginseng got me falling in love with them! How convenient and yummy too 🥰

Shake Baby, a brand that prioritizes TASTE as much it prioritizes NUTRITION!

Season 1️⃣ : 🍫Chocolate🍓Strawberry🥗Matcha🌾Grain🍑Peach-yogurt

Click here for Season 1

Season 2️⃣ : 🍘Soybean ☕Earl Gray Tea 🐐Goat Milk Protein

Season 3️⃣ : 🍫Chocolate Brownie 🧂Salted Caramel 🍦Vanilla Cream

Click here for Season 3

Why choose Shake Baby?

Shake Baby, a brand that prioritizes TASTE as much it prioritizes NUTRITION!

Taste continues to be first and foremost when it comes to the way people think about food. Not far behind is nutrition and health. Most people want to eat food that is healthy, but they are not willing to sacrifice taste, and you can absolutely not compromise on any compartment when it comes to SHAKE BABY!

And the taste is also one of the main reasons, why many stray away from their diet routine, as they are tempted to eat yummier and more flavors! Shake Baby ever since its launch in 2020 has so far come up with 11 flavors to give you an option of taste even though they are all low calorie ranging from 228kcal - 240kcal!

5 reasons you will fall harder for Shake Baby!

Here’s why you’re going to be smitten by it! ⁠⁠⁠⁠

🛡️ Various flavors and nutritions

⁠⁠🍘 Soybean

☕ Earl Gray Tea

🛡️ Balanced nutrition

  • 3 different proteins (ISP, WPC & MPI)
  • 9 amino acids
  • 12 vitamins, minerals
  • 17 Grain Protein

🛡️ 100% Protein Crisps

Contains crunchy milk protein crisp from ERIE FOOD INTERNATIONAL.INC in the United States, which further enhances it's texture.

🛡️ HACCP Certified

Manufactured in HACCP facilities that met the international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety.

⁠⁠⁠⁠🛡️ Low calories⁠⁠

230 kcal per serving even with milk, making it one-third of a regular meal that has about 700 calories.

Are you team BUBBLE TEA?

Then, you are going LOVE our SHAKE BABY Earl Grey!

This wildly popular sweetened drink originated in Asia. It is a combination of sweetened tea, natural or artificial flavors, and a layer of tapioca “pearls” that bob around at the bottom of the cup.

But as a source of nutrition, tapioca is a non-starter. Though it is a staple in some native subsistence diets, its only contribution is as a carbohydrate for quick energy. The vitamin and mineral content is very low, and the lack of fiber is so notable that even if you could consume enough tapioca to get some small nutritional benefits, you’d likely become very constipated!

Plus, it's additionally loaded with unhealthy sugar, fat and its calories rise up to 317kcal per serving (approx. and may vary according to preparations)!

But now, you can enjoy the same yummy taste in SHAKE BABY Earl Grey flavor while only gaining 230kcal per serving! Do remember that it is also loaded with 10gm protein per serving and various other essential nutrition equal to one meal!

Yummy Meal Replacement Shakes from Shake Baby - HURRAY! YES! YES!

Sugary of a Time-Pass Snacking from that familiar vendor across the street - NO! NO!

So, next time you have a craving for some bubble tea, just grab our SHAKE BABY Earl Grey flavor and have a yummy and healthy sip!

100% crunchy milk protein crisps, taking it to a whole new level of meal replacement shake!⁠


Shake Baby always calls innovative enhancers in its formula not only to enhance its already delicious taste but also to enhance the quality intake of its users! The 100% Milk Protein Crisps, of course! It’s not about the crunch and fun element alone; let us understand the crisps in the new flavors that made us, at Cocomo, fall in love even more... ⁠⁠ERIE Foods International Inc., since 1938 having the goal of manufacturing and marketing products that provide superior quality and value to every consumer with the highest level of satisfaction is the company behind these milk protein crisps! Yes, we take pride in telling you that the very first US-patented company to invent the milk protein crisps is the one behind filling our nutritious 2 new flavors of 🍘 Soybean ☕ Earl Gray Tea!

Note from Team Shake Baby!

Shake Baby is a daily protein brand that you can eat deliciously. Have you ever had an experience where you decided to manage your diet and bought a protein shake with enthusiasm, but stopped after a while? We focused on the most important taste to make sure you don't get tired of eating it every day. It was created through countless experiments and testing, such as which protein to use, what to eat as a meal replacement, and how much sugar and carbohydrates should be maintained in order not to get tired. If it doesn't taste good, you fall into the temptation of pizza or burger again.


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